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  1. beating a devastator with light infantry is easy as long as they are all spread out so it can't kill you with one shot. encircling an enemy is one of Napolean Bonapart's greatest strategies.
  2. of course, anything on the topic of dune has the makings of a great game.
  3. yeah, by the time some one makes 50-60 sardines, i will have sent an airstrike and taken out the army of one. The u.s. army's slogan "army of one" does not work well in the newer Dune games, i mean from d2k on up. a small group of s-tanks will make short use of sardines on infantree rock or not. I would recomend sending a couple at minimum, small attack forces of various vehicles and infantry units. ;)
  4. I remember when I was a cute little beginner at all of the dune stuff, when I did not know that there were books or anything, the only thing I knew that there was, was the game for genesis, and a movie. then I bought dune2000, and had not learned any tactics, or skills, I just built and built until nothing more could be built, I would keep my massive armies out on the sand in front of my base, until one fine evening when I saw that stupid worm coming out of the sand in the middle of all of the units, of course taking my most expensive ones(siege tanks, and missile tanks). After playing for a few years I have learned and manage anti-worm tactics alot better. 8)
  5. It is supposed to have a sequel, maybe it will be a better overall game. hopefully. ::)
  6. You know how long it takes to make 50-60 sard's. :O I would just send in two or three small groups of 10, from different angles to take care of vehicles, then send in the vehicles that take out buildings the quickest. Make sure you watch your sardines closely and hit ctrl+x If tanks try to run them over.
  7. sorry, my brain was not working that morning, I was thinking of Dune for the genesis system, they fire two at a time.
  8. yeah but by then you have enough units, and structures built that you should atleast be able to defend your base. or attack.
  9. artreides missile tanks shoot two missiles at a time, so I count it as one shot. rocket turrets are one of my main defences around my bases but I hardly ever use more than 4-5 of them, unlike some of these guys that place them in rows and rows, making a huge waste of time. I like mobility so I usually stick with vehicles.
  10. yeah both of those strats are very effective, have you ever tried catching the attention of a worm on purpose to have it chase your trike all the way to your enemies base, since worms love the taste of missile and siege tanks much more than that of trikes, the trike is spared and the heavy vehicles of your opponent is eaten. that is a fun one, but I also love my airstrikes. Taking out key buildings and units. I wish airstikes had more armor, cuz it only takes one shot from a missile tank to take out one of your three orni's.
  11. another way to keep harv's safe from worms is to not just let them auto search for a spice patch, I usually direct them to a safe patch where they can easily be moved to safety or outrun the worm back to base.
  12. I didnt go through the whole game dude. I tried the level with the hunter seeker who knows how many times before I realized that you cant run away from it and that you have to go stinkin slow. Khalou killed me once and the next time I played i decided That If I were to beat him I needed more ammo.
  13. amen brother, I do get so annoyed with some players that use the same attack over and over though. And then you play against the next guy, and he uses the same attack. I want to learn new things, but am prevented most of the time because of the lack of diversity in many players. I noticed that I Have Played many, many so called "experienced players" and they almost all use the same strat's some better than others, but I do get flustered sometimes, you probably know what I am talking about.
  14. true again, I loved almost all of the game, the graphics for me were more than acceptable, and the music, was straight off of the movie, so... it's as close to the real thing as I probably will ever get, and there is another game, the sequel coming out soon. I dont know if it is going to be made after children of dune, or just "the rest of FHD". I hope it is fun to play with also.
  15. artreides units do attack the worm automatically, I just think worms attack the largest thing they feel. I just surround the field with infantry here and there, I get my wormsign signal quicker that way, I just go to the spot and get my harv out of the way if the worm does not go for the little bait. after three snacks they leave and dont come back for seven minutes, I can move harvy back.
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