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  1. 1) so in the first mission, you will have to give atreides reinforcements to destroy the harkonnens. You will also have reinforcements. "successful survival" 2)you are surrounded on all sides. Defend and prepare an army to counterattack, and the Atreides will also help you, but the Harkonen have allies. you have to destroy the base and units of the harkonen and the empire 3) we were betrayed...we were betrayed by the atreides and they are now with the harkonnens and there are mercenaries here. We'll bribe them. But it will take some time, hold out a little and we will destroy the traitors 4) we were attacked. Our main base has been attacked. We'll have to wait for reinforcements to arrive. The first will come in 15 minutes, the second after the first reinforcement, the second will come, much more. you have to wait 30 minutes or destroy one of the outposts of the empire. Mercenaries and their allies will help you 5)You have to destroy ALL opponents in an unequal battle, I wish you good luck download the company : https://drive.google.com/file/d/1AMfCKmyUet7MCePAB2BiPkcWYadBe3Vh/view?usp=sharing
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