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Author » kreigzeit
Tileset » Arrakis
Release » 2001-11-04
Players » Two
Map Size » 128 * 200
Additional Info » There are a couple of things I don't like about this map, and I may redo it if people think its fun. These are mostly just look and feel issues but do not affect gameplay. Its basically a 1 on 1 map, you can play against the computer. I played against the computer and found it moves well throughout the map but doesn't expand as much as I would like. The dustbowl looks weird, not sure why, I will research and fix it on my next map. I did this map because I haven't seen anything like it, and I really wanted something a bit different. The oasis in the center of the map is a really good advantage, but don't ignore the other sturctures, controlling them can help you give some serious pain to your opponents. I hope everyone enjoys the map, and please email with any weirdness you may encounter.


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