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Author » kreigzeit
Tileset » Arrakis
Release » 2001-11-09
Players » Four
Map Size » 256 * 256
Additional Info » This is my third map. Went for a 4 player map this time. The map is BIG 256 * 256. It is pretty poly heavy, but runs pretty well on my smaller system (400 Celeron) so you shouldn't have too much trouble. I experimented with some different structures and played with color here. The idea for this is a big nuclear facility in the middle of the map. One of the worms got there and died. >:) Also, I made sure the AI was pretty tight. On a 4 player map with 3 computer players, they will hunt eachother down as much as you. They will also really cover the resources pretty well, and they fortify their positions. One thing I did differently was left a lot less room for infantry. I spread the infantry rock to make the game play a bit challenging. There is a neutral town I made just to see how it would look. Feel free to have battles there, its fun watching the stuff blow up :)


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