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Which memory?

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alright got a new computer, gonna buy memory for it for gaming. here is what the book says.

-This mainboard accomodates two 184-pin unbuffered double data rate sdram (ddr sdram) dual inline memory module (Dimm)sockets, and supports up to 1.0 GB of 266MHZ DDR SDRAM.

DDR SDRAm is a type of sdram that supports data transfers on both edges of each clock (the rising and fallign edges), effectivly doubling the memory chip's data throughout. ddr dimms can synchronously work with 100 mhz or 133 mhz memory bus.

ddr sdram provides up to 1.6 gb/s or 2.1 gbs/s data transfer rate depending on wether the bus si 100 mhz or 133 mhz. ddr sdram uses additional power and ground lines and requires 184-pin 2.5v unbuffered DIMM module.


http://www.tigerdirect.com/applications/Category/category_memory.asp is a site that i would rather buy off of since im a member there for a long time. anything for gaming would be great...

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yeah its totally new, need more memore though, only got 256. the thing is that memory would be the best for gaming? what companies are better or they all pretty much the same?

For best performance, make sure you buy the same type as already is in your pc !

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