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CoD for the peeps across the pond <SPOILER?>


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OK, now that Children of Dune has been premiered in Europe, I thought I'd ask again what people thought of it. This post is aimed a bit more towards the European members though, as I avoided all previous CoD discussions as I hate spoilers and having to read people raving about something I haven't seen isn't that much fun anyway

Qu'en pensez-vous?

I thought the plot was fairly true to Dune Messiah, except for when Paul kissed Irulan! Alia's training very good, very nice actress cast for Alia; Scytale, Idaho, Bijaz, all good. Not so keen on Stephen Berkoff as Stilgar though. Thought the previous actor was much better for the part. What did people think of mixing bits of Children of Dune (the book) in with Dune Messiah, like Wensicia's plotting etc?

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but that is her face in the sidebar next to your name, am i right???!! ;)

Yeah, thought she'd be wearing a few more robes and less of the mysteriously seethrough parasilky training garments.

Was also a tad disappointed that i didnt get to see scytale properly shapeshifting, but the way they did it with camera technique was still pretty well done.

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