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whats important?


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Everybody explains that there is a theme in Dune that is pivitol to the whole story. Many say that it has to do with ecology and our continual igorance on the matter that leads to destruction. Others say it has to do with the messiah complex and how dangerous it is. I kinda think it is that and also the time old idea of the "ive created a monster!". That we in our ignorance create something more powerful than we thought, and because of that we destroy ourselves and the environment around us. kindda like the story of frankenstein. I believe that no idea is inferior to others. It is all a matter of different perspective and opinion. What are your guys' idea of the main theme? explain in detail if you can. :)

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According to this great article:


the main theme is "vitality struggle". I personally understand "vitality struggle" as "human selection".

To me Dune is mainly a (greatly entertaining) warning against human selection, elitism and eugenism. Whatever compares a human to another human is loss of humanity and world destruction.

So the Jewish-originated ideas are the core of the novels:

* messiah

* mother power

* subconscious and memory

* genocide and memory

* sexuality

I think race and eugenism are the worst ideas in human history.

Human competition may be a little better than human selection, yet it is not a really good idea either.

Of course the motivation to human selection is access to ressources.

So the parrallel central theme is greediness.

Whatever humans want, spice gives it:

We want more goods. Spice is money.

We want more space. Spice is space travel.

We want more control. Spice is control.

We want to live longer. Spice is geriatric.

We want drugs. Spice is drug.

That is not misunderstanding of ecology that leads to destruction, that is greediness. Greediness leads to self and universe destruction: that is what Dune is about.

The messianic theme is also social greediness, desire for better self-destiny.

Does the world need a messiah?


Just the ego-inflated reader aspires to be the one, with the uppermost social position.

Of course this is just entertainment, I do not imply the Dune reader is dangerous, but when reading Dune he faces his ego. And his greediness and ego is of a dangerous nature, that is the lesson.

So remember: eugenics is not when humanity begins, it is when humanity ends.

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The only theme I think I could separate as being dominant would be that of a study of humanity. Within this, Dune shows us its different facets, politics, religions, social structures, our reactions with the environments and so on. I know it's a broad theme to choose, but the books cover so much!

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I would say every book has its own "juche". World in 1969 was very different than world in 1986 (or when was the Chapterhouse). But I see in all parts common sign, the will of freedom, what could be possible, if we remember all those revolts in 60's.

In first it was a, slightly childish, rebellion against state's heads. Atreides are progressive and good, fightning against conspiracy of "backwarding" militaristic government and its asskissers.

Messiah is like a small addon of contrarevolution or rational showing not every idea is realisable.

Children are the harder form of revolution - Leto fights against everything he has, even morale, humanity, setting a tyranny, altough with good will.

God Emperor is a brightest one. Will for a freedom leads again to destruction of the old order. Without seeking if it will be beneficial, just plain will to bring down autocracy.

Heretics, last one of those, which I've read, looks like here fights for a freedom whole Bene Gesserit from the oppression of unstoppable Honored Matres' lust for reign.

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