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LAN on Dune 2000 doesn't work


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Below is a copy of an IM I have send which as my best guess should solve the probelm. [ Didn't hear from him and he was offline after that so I guess, hope he's gaming over there :) ] If it didn't fix the problem. You can post it here and we'll go on from that. :)

ok, these are screenshots of Yuri's revenge. Dune2000 has basically the same interface so it's just the collor that's different.

In the menues of Dune2000 you can alter your LAN setting. one of those screens should display anything like this.


The network card is what you should change.

This one shows the other 3 options in my case I have to play the game.


With me, the first option results in the same error you have. Setting it to the 2nd it works ok.

[ note, the setting are inside the game itself and the screen will varry a little. It should be somewhere under network / LAN and settings , and this should only be done it you have the IPX protocal installed and the network is working fine except for the Dune2000 [ or other Westwood RTS game ] LAN lobby ]

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We also have this one. Offering the text below as a solution.

"We have found that setting the FRAME TYPE to 802.3 instead of using AUTO will allow for much more stable LAN games. To do this, open your "Network control panel", find the IPX/SPX driver for your network card, and double-click on it. Click the [Advanced] button, then single-click frame type in the list. You can change your type in the drop box to the right. Please note that this is not recommended for large corporate networks, as changing the frame type can cause you problems. You will need to change the frame type on all machines in the network."

Are both install the same, from an origionall CD with no cracks expansions updates or whatever ?

[ edit : weird, just had a look at a computer running Dune2000. It seems the feature I mentioned in the post above isn't in Dune2000. Must have looked pretty stupid :- :-[ . My mistake. ]

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I can't see my another computer in the dune 2000 lobby room. I created a new room and trying to join it by another computer but nothing. Please help.

Could you be more specific about the problem ? I mean, how's everything connected ? Are they both in the same room ? Does the LAN consist just of these two computers ? Home LAN, or LAN at work (you never know ;))? Do both PC's run the game okay in single player ?

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