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Battlefield 1942: A Road to Rome!

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Here is my first ever fan fic. Here it goes. I hope it goes good. The rules are:

1) Only one person per person ;D.

2) No god powers.

3) Realism

4) Next Chapter starts when I say it in my post.

5) Say when you'll be posting next cuz i have school from 7:00 - 3:45.

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Chapter 1

A Rough Landing


Jimmy Patterson (made up name) pulled out his k 98 as he his the ground with a thud. He landed next to his friend Corporal Barnes. They looked around and found out they had landed somewhere on the Fin Coutryside. In fact right next to a a small cottage with a large windmill, then they noticed another friend had landed on a blade of the windmill, he was yelliing," Hey Jimmo help me get down fro AhehAHEHEHah." Bullets rang out from somewhere north. They went to hide in the cottage but noticed soon enough there was a German officer in there pointing a Luger at an old woman. Jimmy pointed his K 98 and blasted at the Officer. He fell sparling to the floor and blooded stained his shirt.

Later down the road, he found a small patrol of maybe 5 guys. He got in a serious battle. It was a relife Corp. Barnes had a tommy gun. Jimmy threw a grendade and they were gone, dead, to the heavens or maybe.....

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