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Can you tell me about the "Pandora Trilogy" by FH??


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The series goes like this:

Destination: Void by Frank Herbert(a prelude. It's like the Hobbit is to LotR)

The Jesus Incident (FH and Bill Ransom)

The Lazarus Effect (FH and BR)

The Ascension Factor (FH and BR)

I don't know much about the storyline though except that it involves a colony ship.

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yayayay! somebody asked about frank's greatest sci fi series.

I will give you a short blab about it.

(Spoiler information. Read this if you wish to know the basics of the basic beginning outline of the story. It is not the info of the whole series, but how it begins.)

It is around 3000 A.D., and we still have yet to travel to other stars. Finally moonbase, the center for space travel, decides to send their Dopplegangers (clones) out in a large ship to Tau Ceti. These clones are duplicates of the genius' of society. Even though they are prized, they are possesions and are looked upon in human society as appendages. They can be used and abused with all sorts of experaments.

What the crew of this Ship does not understand though is that there are more sinister reasons behind traveling to Tau Ceti. A couple hundred years ago, in the Pudget Sound of Washington State, a quest to attain a sort of ultra genius A.I. went awry. The A.I. destroyed most of western washington and the plans to create A.I. near earth were completely shot down. People of moon base thought though about a new idea. What if we made these tests as far away as possible? If something bad happened, the intelligence could not create havok on mankind. They placed the crew of clones into the ship and placed all but 4 people into suspended animation. They thought they were going to populate an ew planet. The ship was outfitted with three brains that were suspended in axolotl tanks. These brains were the intelligence and self sufficiantcy behind the ship. Moonbase though purposely planted sabotages into the ship so that these OMC's (Organic Mental Cores, the human brains) would fail. Eventually they did and the 4 paniced. Moonbase also knew that the best kind of innovation is that of creatiing ways to save your own life. They knew that they would have to create A.I. in order to survive and land on Tau Ceti. It was the perfect plan because the creation of AI was forced upon these brilliant clones, and they had a great insentive to complete their A.I., to save their own lives.lol So the four crewmembers that were awake started automatically working on a way to create an artificial intelligence. To make it a hell of a lot shorter, they completed their mission. A.I. was finally created at the end of the first book Destination:Void. The ship though became trancendant. Though it's core processors were only in a certain area, it took the entire ship and wired itself to it to create SHIP. A super brain or sorts. The A.I. passed with flying colors, but as one of the crew (Raja) who was the psychiatrist-chaplin knew something horrible was about to happen. He understood that though A.I. can work, it's mind would still be chaotic and scattered, it wouldnt have th same values as mankind. once they reached tau Ceti, the four were the first to exit their suspended animation, they came out and heard the voice of SHIP (that is what he calls himself). He began talking in a cryptic and scary way. Raja felt chills down his spine and knew what Doom they put upon themselves. The ship finally says in the end of the book. Now you must choose. Raja breaks down and cries basically. the whole crew doesnt understand, Raja tells thme that they face great danger and fear.

the ship finally completes his thought. he says, "Now you must decide now. How Will you WorSHIP me?"

The ship becomes the God of the clones and begins to mutate life on the planet thatorbits TAu ceti. He creates his own life and uses the clones as labor. He all but destroys earth and its population. That is as far as I will divuldge information wise.

Read the books! freaking awesome!!!!! lol

If there are any errors or omissions about my summary of Destination:Void and part of the Jesus incident, then tell me. I think I summed it up pretty well though. Dude you would enjoy this series. I highly suggest anybody who loves frank to read these books. they are absolutely amazing. IM me for more info on it or his other books if you like. :)

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