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connecting to players


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Hi all...

Ive played dune2k for some time at home.. and feel the need to play online.. but I have downloaded the patch and unziped to the dune direcotry and also created a password and entered the loby thru the cd.. but when I try to connect to players already there.. I get the time out connection failed... Does anybody know of special port settings for my dlink 604 router... thats the only thing I think that can be an issue???


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Routers need to allows open ports or ports to be triggered inorder to play online. Your router appears to have a special gaming function for that. I don't know what firmware version you have installed, if you havn't installed any before you might want to try version 2.10, it appears to make it easier to play onlnie games. Also make shure it is turned on. Together with port triggering if it shouldn't work the first time.

I've heard that some Dlink routers can be a pain for these thing. So if it doesn't work let me know and we'll work from there. :)

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hey thanks for the ideas.. but after I posted this I did download 2.18v firmware from dlink... and still not connecting. I wish there was a way of testing this before I gather players together and then I cant connect... but the port tirgering thing... im not sure how to turn this on.. i did enable the game mode and still having issues... jim

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