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The Ratings Are In!


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The ratings are in, and CoD seems to be a winner with an average viewership of 3.3 million a night! Now, I may be wrong in this, so feel free to correct me, but according to one of the reviews in our archive, Taken only got 3.2 million per night, which would mean Dune has re-claimed the ratings record for sci-fi. Thanks to Andrew for giving us a link to a ratings report, which you can see here. Remember: These ratings are subject to change as more info comes out, and seeing as we got the numbers for taken from a Dune review, they may not be all that accurate either. If you have any other ratings info, we'd be glad to see and post it.

Update: Did a bit of digging to verify those Dune and Taken numbers. Here's what I found:

While the Taken debut had over 6 mllion viewers, there was some drop off and it lasted 10 nights, so a 3.2 average isn't all that impossible.

Dune had a debut of 3.06 million viewers, and kept the vast majority of them, so 2.8 seems about right too.

Which means that CoD just may have beaten Taken in the average ratings department, however we have not yet seen the individual nights ratings in order to tell if it re-took the all-time viewership record.

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