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CoD Chat Part 3 Tonight


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Don't forget to attend the last of our three CoD chats tonight! Ryan Carter, who worked on CoD's effects, will again be making a presence, and others who worked on either CoD other other parts of the duniverse have stated that they will try to attend.

The chat will be held int he usual spot, IRC server east.gamesnet.net channel #fed2k or for those of you new to irc, just click on chat on the left hand menu and follow the instructions.

That chat will be logged between 11 and 12, just like the two previous chats (chat 1, chat 2) but most people begin chatting during the miniseries and continue much later into the night.

Tommorow we will have a section up for everyone to submit there own reviews of the miniseries, and read what others thought of them. Until then, there is always our review archive chocked full of over 50 reviews.

I hope to see you all at tonights chat!

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