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CoD Chat Log #1


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Note: Only the portion from 11 pm EST to 12 am EST was logged. although the majority of the chat began before the mini started and ended around 1 am. This is due to the size of the log.

Session Start: Sun Mar 16 23:00:27 2003

Session Ident: #fed2k

* Logging #fed2k to 'logs#fed2k.GamesNET.log'

<|Angel|^Wyld-CoD> I cant wait until tomorrow night as it continues

<MahdiFED2k> I was correcting a spelling msitake

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<Acriku> I will miss the next two nights...

<Andrew> it lived up to hype, does that answer question? ;-)

<FanFicGod> oh

<Andrew> ok

* Acriku changes topic to 'Welcome to our first of three Children of Dune Chats! What did you like/dislike about the first episode? Did it live up to the hype? Special guest Effects_guy, who worked on CoD's praised SFX!'

<FanFicGod> night all

<Andrew> ?

<MahdiFED2k> you elaving ex?

<|Angel|^Wyld-CoD> it is absolutly awesome!!!!1

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<FanFicGod> yea

<MahdiFED2k> Welcome Mecha

<FanFicGod> mom kicking me off

<number6eb> The special effects were way above what you would expect for a TV miniseries

<Acriku> yes

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<FanFicGod> thought it was block buster lik

<MechaDragonX> was it just me or was it much different from the book?

<FanFicGod> speically caladan

<FanFicGod> duncun part was

<FanFicGod> he never got his mem back

<Effects_Guy> Worms were the best

<FanFicGod> yea

<number6eb> I think the ending was quite different

<Andrew> yesm CGI was aweswom..and no backdrop landscapes

<|Angel|^Wyld-CoD> yes he did

<MechaDragonX> Didn't paul get tlielaxu eyes?

<FanFicGod> Caladan kicked it

<Andrew> no he didnt

<DjCiD> I only got to see the one at the end

<Effects_Guy> Capture scene got applause at the preview

<FanFicGod> i didnt like the crappy plastic wallpaper they had in the first one

<number6eb> no he did not get tlielaxu eyes

<Andrew> duncan got his memory back!

<FanFicGod> no he didnt!

<|Angel|^Wyld-CoD> in the movie he said he got his memory back

<FanFicGod> not till chapterhouse

<FanFicGod> er

<FanFicGod> heritics

<Andrew> yes he did

<Acriku> I thought Paul got tleilaxu eyes when he comes back as a preacher

<MechaDragonX> I thought he got them in Messiah

<FanFicGod> no

<number6eb> maybe as the preacher

<FanFicGod> night all

<MechaDragonX> it's been years since I read it thouh

<FanFicGod> peace out

<number6eb> but not in the second book

<FanFicGod> i like opening part to

<|Angel|^Wyld-CoD> he was with Paul and the twins.. when he was asked what he remembered.. and he said everything.. his childhood.. everything

<number6eb> later fanficgod

<Andrew> duncan got his memory back....yes he did get it back ..and paul never got tleilaxu eyes

<FanFicGod> yea but not in book

<number6eb> or is it TMA


<Andrew> yes duncan got memory back in book

<FanFicGod> no he didnt!

<Andrew> i think so..me look it up

<FanFicGod> night all

<FanFicGod> no

<FanFicGod> wait yea

<Andrew> yes

<FanFicGod> night

<FanFicGod> no

<FanFicGod> u crazy voto no he didnt

<Andrew> justa sec me get quotes

<FanFicGod> no gtg

<FanFicGod> now

<FanFicGod> night

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<Effects_Guy> Did any of U want to see the first rough draft of Caladan?

<Acriku> I do!

<number6eb> sure

<|Angel|^Wyld-CoD> yes

<MechaDragonX> Wasn't the guy who played the Fremen that conspired against Muad'Dib the same guy that played Liet in Dune?

<number6eb> yes Mecha

<number6eb> he was

<Effects_Guy> http://www.hallofshadows.com/production.htm

<Effects_Guy> Go to the stills page

<Effects_Guy> Its just a temp site with other stuff on it

<Effects_Guy> and its a slow load with lots of pics

<|Angel|^Wyld-CoD> that is so sweet

<Andrew> "Duncan is it?" Bijaz asked. "Is it truly Duncan Idaho?"

<Andrew> "It is," Idaho said. "I remember."

<Andrew> "Then Scytale's plan succeeded!"

<Andrew> "Scytale is dead," Paul said.

<Andrew> "But I am not and the plan is not," Bijaz said. "By the tank in which I

<Andrew> grew! It can be done! I shall have my pasts -- all of them. It needs only the

<Andrew> right trigger."

<Andrew> that is one quote that proves he got his memory back

<Andrew> no more

<number6eb> well done Andrew

<MechaDragonX> Hey, how come no one mentions Eye when they talk about Dune?

<number6eb> Very nice pics Effects_Guy

<Effects_Guy> Oh thanks

<|Angel|^Wyld-CoD> those pics are fantastic

<Andrew> actualy i found a better quote of when it actually happned but im not going to spam this chat, unless everywone wants me to

<number6eb> I think it's great that you have come here to chat with us dune fans

<MechaDragonX> amen

<Effects_Guy> I'm having fun

<Effects_Guy> Besides...I'm much happier with this mini

<number6eb> I hope that SciFi plans to do all of the Dune books

<Effects_Guy> possibly

<Zag> would be awesome :)

<Andrew> yes, every single one...thats about 10 or so?

<Andrew> even the ones they will be coming out with

<number6eb> maybe not the Dune Encyclopedia

<MechaDragonX> what about the possible series?

<Andrew> actually, by the time dune 7 comes out tehy couuld amke a mini if tehy make one every year or so

<Effects_Guy> Only heard rumors

<number6eb> I like how they did the Guild navigator "Edric" in this series

<MechaDragonX> can you say as to the likelyhood of those rumors coming true?

<Effects_Guy> He moved great

<MahdiFED2k> Ratings mecha, it all coems down to ratings

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<MechaDragonX> high

<Effects_Guy> But he did look a bit digital

<MechaDragonX> they promoted this more than enough

<number6eb> and how many people buy the DVD

<Effects_Guy> Looked much better in tests

<|Angel|^Wyld-CoD> well I know I will be buying the dvd

<number6eb> me too

<Acriku> yeo

<Acriku> yelo

<MechaDragonX> I liked it beettr than the chunk of rubber in the first one

<Acriku> yep

<Andrew> me!

<Effects_Guy> Either a last minute change was made or color timing messed him up

<MechaDragonX> I'll buy both DVDs

<MechaDragonX> =)

<Effects_Guy> Oh me 2...much better

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<Acriku> I remember in the first mini, there were grass patches in the sands

<Effects_Guy> Caladan looked alot different after color timing

<MahdiFED2k> Just a note: I only the first hour of this chat is going to be logged

<Andrew> scifi will have a 12 hour dune day, by playing all dune movie/minisereis some day

<Sandwraith> I like this better than the 1st

<Andrew> i suspect

<Effects_Guy> That is next weekend

<Effects_Guy> the 23rd

<Andrew> they are playing the lynch movie?

<Sandwraith> no

<Acriku> nah

<MechaDragonX> I figured it would come this Sta

<Andrew> long veriosn or short?

<Effects_Guy> Not to my knowledge

<MechaDragonX> Saturday

<Andrew> ok

<|Angel|^Wyld-CoD> well if you need more of the log just let me know.. I log all channels I am in... so it is being logged from the time i came in until the time I leave ;)

<Sandwraith> All focus is to be on future; the mini

<MechaDragonX> Why is Gob quiet?

<number6eb> Do they have a different director for this mini series ?

<Andrew> thats, good, me talk to fanfic god about duncan..

<Effects_Guy> Yes...and a different art diector

<Sandwraith> No sam ase before John Harrison

<Effects_Guy> No

<Sandwraith> no same as before

<Effects_Guy> Harrison WROTE it

<number6eb> The acting seems a lot better so I was guessing the actors were getting better direction

<Effects_Guy> Greg directed it

<Effects_Guy> Forgot his last name

<Sandwraith> I apoligize

<MechaDragonX> Yiantes

<MechaDragonX> ?

<Effects_Guy> Its cool

<Effects_Guy> Close enough

<Sandwraith> how long have you been in effects?

<MechaDragonX> Are we all watching the second showing?

<Effects_Guy> It was the change in Art Directors that got rid of the painted backdrops and insane color

<Effects_Guy> I been in LA since 99

<Andrew> yaitanes i think, something like that

<Acriku> hehe this scene was the one I was talking about mahdi

<Sandwraith> I did not like the painted backdrops from last time

<Effects_Guy> Before that I did smaller animations

<Acriku> with Scytale, BG, and Wensicis

<Effects_Guy> No one did

<Acriku> Wensicia

<number6eb> Well that's good that they changed Art directors then

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<|Angel|^Wyld-CoD> well good night guys....

<Sandwraith> painted backdrops amde it look like they were going up a dune then down a dune

<Andrew> bye angel

<Effects_Guy> About things that got dropped......

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<number6eb> It was overall much more polished then the first mini

<Sandwraith> true

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<|Angel|^Wyld-bedtime> Good Night Everyone and Sweet Dreams

<Effects_Guy> Originally Duncan came from a huge factory

<number6eb> I still liked the first mind you

<Sandwraith> sweet dreams are made of these........

<Effects_Guy> and those shots WOULD have been mine :(

<Effects_Guy> budget issues

<Andrew> really? he was supposed to come from a factory..sounds interesting

<number6eb> Oh you were going to show the factory?

<number6eb> and they cut that scene?

<Effects_Guy> Originally....rows and rows of chambers

<number6eb> That's too bad

<Acriku> they only show Duncan's , too bad

<Effects_Guy> A bit like the Matrix power plant

<Sandwraith> yeah

<Andrew> was the white things surrounding duncan CGI when they opened? when we first see him at wensicias?

<number6eb> that would have been seet

<number6eb> sweet

<number6eb> doh!

<Effects_Guy> No

<Effects_Guy> Not sure what &U mean, but there was no CG in that shot to my knowledge

<Sandwraith> any 'bullet time' in CoD

<Andrew> was the scorpian CGI? and was it when they showed a shot farther awaw from it?

<Effects_Guy> Alot of effects are hidden

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<Andrew> *away

<Effects_Guy> The distant shot was either CGI or bluescreen

<Effects_Guy> The shot that pans down across a stained glass window to reveal the thrown.......

<Sandwraith> I saw where Leto II gets into a court room fight

<Andrew> was the knife throwing scene from duncan CGI?

<Effects_Guy> Only half the window was built

<number6eb> I like the water effect you did. That looked real to me

<Andrew> the knife in midair i mean.

<Effects_Guy> Sorry...not sure on that one

<Andrew> ok

<Effects_Guy> A few different companies involved

<MahdiFED2k> Anyone disapointed with the mini at all?

<Sandwraith> Which compianes?

<Effects_Guy> Water was a REAL killer

<Effects_Guy> 28 takes to get the first shot right

<number6eb> I can imagine the difficulties

<number6eb> wow 28

<number6eb> that's a lot

<Sandwraith> 28 x

<Effects_Guy> plus a few I never turned in

<Sandwraith> lol

<number6eb> well you did a great job

<Effects_Guy> Funny thing....

<Effects_Guy> Alot of shots were flipped

<number6eb> flipped?

<Effects_Guy> Most of Caladan was

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<Sandwraith> reverse angles

<Andrew> Also wondering, when the stoneburner scene happened, when it was rushing towards the camera and it blew up all the side things on street, was the buildings real and put into CGI? or was it all CGI?

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<MahdiFED2k> Welcome joseph

<Effects_Guy> Ya, reversed

<Joseph_Kerr> ty mahdi

<Effects_Guy> Like the water shot on my site

<Effects_Guy> was reversed in the mini

<Sandwraith> were the original angles better you think?

<Effects_Guy> All CGI

<MahdiFED2k> What did you think of the mini/

<Sandwraith> who?

<Effects_Guy> The whole street

<number6eb> I will have to watch that the next time I watch part 1

<Sandwraith> anyone?

<MahdiFED2k> Joseph, who jsut got here

<Joseph_Kerr> I thought it was wonderful for a beginning... though the real story begins tomorrow night

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<dead> sweet

<MahdiFED2k> hello dead

<MahdiFED2k> thats true

<MahdiFED2k> what about you dead? You like it?

<dead> I loved it

<dead> must have more

<MahdiFED2k> haha

<Joseph_Kerr> the traitors have been exposed.. but the real threat is not scene.. very FH

<dead> that had to be the most #%)*#@ show ive ever seen

<Andrew> Yes the one book gets twice as long to air, so it wont be as rushed as messiah.(even though it was done well)

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<MahdiFED2k> For those of you just joining, effects_guy worked on CoD and Dune effects, so if you want to knwo anything about them, nows the time

<number6eb> That's the best rush job I have ever seen

<MahdiFED2k> Hi monkey

<MechaDragonX> I'm kinda wooried about the next two parts

<Effects_Guy> Why?

<IRCMonkey_> hi

<number6eb> To get that whole book in 2 hours is amazing

<Joseph_Kerr> i thought it was done well also.. if you try too much of messiah.. it bogs down (though most of us fans would love a 3 hour part series ;))

<MechaDragonX> because children was at least as big as Dune and has only 2/3 the time

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<EpicDuelGirl> hello

<Effects_Guy> hi

<MahdiFED2k> hi epic girl

<MahdiFED2k> welcome to our chat:)

<MahdiFED2k> how'd you liek the mini?

<Andrew> How was the lightening effects done Ryan? Was any of it CGI'd?

<MechaDragonX> I'm afraid it may be as hard to follow as the 2hour lynch version was

<Joseph_Kerr> is there anyone here who has not read the 2 books? I was wondering how well they followed the storyline

<MahdiFED2k> There are a couple

<EpicDuelGirl> it felt really fast

<Effects_Guy> Which effects do U mean?

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<Sandwraith> If you know nothing about the novels

<dead> 04W

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<BaronAtriedes> =)

<Effects_Guy> No idea about a series

<BaronAtriedes> r u working on anything now

<MahdiFED2k> For those of you asking about anotehr Dune miniseries: Go to http://www.dune2k.com/forum/?board=30;action=display;threadid=9363

<MahdiFED2k> Remember: Until it's official, it's jsut a rumour

<Effects_Guy> Just freelance commercials and a test for a new TV show

<Joseph_Kerr> well tell them that the fan base is very supportive of a series ;)

<Acriku> Ryan - just saw your highliner clip, great job!

* BaronAtriedes has quit IRC (Excess Flood)

<Effects_Guy> Thanks

<Acriku> short and sweet

<Effects_Guy> Andrew did a great refurb on it for CoD

* BaronAtriedes has joined #fed2k

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<BaronAtriedes> thats dean devlin

<Effects_Guy> Cooler shot of it in night 2

<BaronAtriedes> =)

<IRCMonkey_> can't wait to see it

<BaronAtriedes> what time is it there now

<BaronAtriedes> in canada

<IRCMonkey_> how did you come to be involved with COD

<Gobalopper> Canada has more then one timezone.

<Andrew> lol

<BaronAtriedes> who do u work for,effect

<Effects_Guy> I fell into the first mini while I was at Netter Digital

<Andrew> ts 12:42 where im at.....atlantic time

<Effects_Guy> Got along well with the lead

<BaronAtriedes> its 12:41 PM here now

<Joseph_Kerr> 9:42 mst (wyoming)

<Effects_Guy> She was brought on to CoD over at Area 51

<BaronAtriedes> its 12:42 PM here

<Andrew> AM for me

<Acriku> 1142 here

<Effects_Guy> and brought me along

<IRCMonkey_> right place, right time, huh?

<BaronAtriedes> lol andrew,12 hours sharp

<Effects_Guy> Yep

<IRCMonkey_> cool when that happens... lucky you!

<Effects_Guy> They needed someone to do ships and the Navigators Chamber

<Andrew> ive only been on teh net for 14 hours today...

<BaronAtriedes> hey effect,have u ever worked on a movie before

<Effects_Guy> Those worked out, so I got more

<IRCMonkey_> the navigators chamber was very cool... nice job

<Effects_Guy> Just a couple B Movies

<BaronAtriedes> like?

<Effects_Guy> ALMOST got Red Planet

<BaronAtriedes> let me guess........american pie 2?

<BaronAtriedes> lol jk

<IRCMonkey_> almost?

<Effects_Guy> But I blew the interview big time

<BaronAtriedes> ???

<Joseph_Kerr> effects: i really liked how you guys did the last part.. with chani's birth and the traitors assinations... with both alia and paul separating themselves from it..

<BaronAtriedes> what happen,effect

<IRCMonkey_> drat

* dead is now known as Dead|afk

<Andrew> Were the clouds in the sky hard to make? most notably when chani is sitting on cliff before giving birth

<Effects_Guy> That was all the editor.....Harry Miller

* BaronAtriedes is now known as lowzeewee

<Effects_Guy> Many sky replacements were done elsewhere

<Effects_Guy> Ones we did weren't too hard, no

<Effects_Guy> As for my interview......

<lowzeewee> hey effect,did u get chosen for a new mech warrior movie

<IRCMonkey_> yes, please tell

<Effects_Guy> Guy asked my opuinion on a show he'd been insulting

<lowzeewee> lol

<EpicDuelGirl> ahh i got to go...

<lowzeewee> ......

<EpicDuelGirl> i'll come back tomorrow

<Effects_Guy> I happened to insult the one shot HE did

<lowzeewee> bye girlie

<IRCMonkey_> uh oh

<Andrew> bye epicduelgirl

<MahdiFED2k> Be sure to come back tommorow epic girl

<EpicDuelGirl> bye everyone

<MahdiFED2k> Ok, bye:)

<IRCMonkey_> bye epic

<Andrew> not good luck

* EpicDuelGirl has left #fed2k

<Joseph_Kerr> the sci fi webpage must be getting bombarded..i can't get to it

<Effects_Guy> Mech Warrior.....

<IRCMonkey_> don't you hate when that happens

<Sandwraith> who is Epic?

<IRCMonkey_> sneaky

<Effects_Guy> There was talk ofr a series

<MahdiFED2k> It's only ahd a fe new posts in the last hour

<Sandwraith> any word yet?

<lowzeewee> hey effect,do u plan to work on a matrix influenced version of the godfather?????

<MahdiFED2k> I'm at the page right now

<Effects_Guy> Founmdation Imaging was up for the effects

<Effects_Guy> They are now bankrupt

<Joseph_Kerr> i just got to it now mahdi.. but i made several attempts'

<lowzeewee> ok

<Andrew> only scifi.com isnt coming up fast

<lowzeewee> imagine if there was a godfather IV:THe Matrix starring Van Diesel

<Sandwraith> DjCiD

<lowzeewee> lol

<Joseph_Kerr> effects: wo came up with the ideas of Paul's burned out eyes? I thought it came across well.. freaky as it did in the book

<Sandwraith> Vin?

<Effects_Guy> Well, ideally I'd do something all new like the Matrix was

<lowzeewee> =)

<Sandwraith> ;)

<MahdiFED2k> first negative posts are up

<lowzeewee> chicago was great,dont u think?

<MahdiFED2k> still swamped by the number of positive, though

<lowzeewee> =P

<Effects_Guy> That was decided long before I was on board

<Sandwraith> How long did ti take to get all the CGI scenes together

<IRCMonkey_> how much leeway with the effects were you given?

<Sandwraith> [it]

<lowzeewee> do u know of a movie called death watch

<Effects_Guy> Scenes changed up thru Jan

<lowzeewee> [deathwatch]

<Effects_Guy> Some we had leeway, others were locked

<Effects_Guy> Example.....

<Joseph_Kerr> effects: will it be hard for people to recognize paul as the preacher? (I hope so, so it keeps non readers unbalanced)

<Sandwraith> average time on a scene

<Effects_Guy> The fly up towards Caladan over the water

<Effects_Guy> Originally my shot, they wanted to fly over mountains

<Sandwraith> any heavy CGI scene

<Effects_Guy> ]But I thought an ocean would be a better contrast to Arrakis

<IRCMonkey_> makes much more sense with the storyline, too... good call

<Effects_Guy> No average on a shot

<lowzeewee> how many hours is your daily working life

<Effects_Guy> The space shot of the ship heading to Caladan.....a couple days

<lowzeewee> sry sry i mean how many hours do u work daily

<Effects_Guy> The water.....almost a month

<Effects_Guy> I workED 8 or so a day

<IRCMonkey_> hoo... water is not easy, huh?

<IRCMonkey_> that was a lot of water, too!

<Effects_Guy> Calandan pool was easy, but white water is tough

<Joseph_Kerr> what did you guys think of the blue eyes this time around.. ?

<Sandwraith> non-commerical program to make the CGI effects

<IRCMonkey_> came across well though... very believable

<lowzeewee> what qualifications do u need to get yr job

<Effects_Guy> STONEBURNER TIME!!!!

<Effects_Guy> brb

<lowzeewee> stoneburner??????

<lowzeewee> >???????

<lowzeewee> whats that

<Andrew> Well its time for bed for me...I dont plan on being online tomorrow night as its ST. Patricks Day, thanks for everyone being here, especially Effects_guy aka Ryan.

<IRCMonkey_> i thought the eyes were a bit subtle

<Effects_Guy> repeat of CoD

<Sandwraith> I mean what lvl of experience would one need to enter you r field of work.

<Joseph_Kerr> the second viewing .. it's at the stoneburner part

<IRCMonkey_> bye andrew... happy st. pat's day!

<lowzeewee> happy st john's day andy

<Effects_Guy> OK...back

<lowzeewee> i mean st patty

<Effects_Guy> Love that scene

<IRCMonkey_> yup... that scene was very cool

* Andrew has quit IRC (Quit)

<Sandwraith> @ effects guy what other work have yo done?

<Joseph_Kerr> effects: can you tell us a little bit about the preacher scenes? will it be hard to recognize paul as the preacher?

<IRCMonkey_> as to the eyes... i kind of missed the brilliant blue

<lowzeewee> !!!!!!!!CHris longpre is online now!!!!!!!1

<MahdiFED2k> Joseph: Do you want to sees ome pics of the pracher?

<Joseph_Kerr> definitely

<Effects_Guy> Commercials, Max Steel, Dan Dare, Twisted Metal Black on PS2, a couple B Movies and interactive pieces

<MahdiFED2k> jsut a sec

<Sandwraith> I mean what lvl of experience would one need to enter you r field of work.

<Effects_Guy> The preacher....he is recognisable in closeups I'd say

<Effects_Guy> Luck and lots of it

<Acriku> his lips are chapped to hell

<IRCMonkey_> lol

<Effects_Guy> I stumbled into it

<Sandwraith> lol

<lowzeewee> hey effect,have u done any effects on games before?

<Sandwraith> ok

<Acriku> he said Black Metal

<Effects_Guy> Just Twisted Metal

<Sandwraith> <Effects_Guy> Commercials, Max Steel, Dan Dare, Twisted Metal Black on PS2, a couple B Movies and interactive pieces

<lowzeewee> ok

<Effects_Guy> No features yet

<lowzeewee> hmmmm twisted metal blACK,havent heard of that

<Effects_Guy> Really?

<Effects_Guy> It was a huge release

<Sandwraith> yeah ;)

<Sandwraith> sure

<Acriku> yeah my friend has it

<MahdiFED2k> For pics of the preacher:

<MahdiFED2k> http://www.dune2k.com/?page=duniverse-miniseries&show=cod-images

<IRCMonkey_> how does working on a game differ from working on a piece like COD

<MahdiFED2k> our image gallery

<MahdiFED2k> it ahs a couple

<lowzeewee> omg its a car-combat game and the screenie killed me

<lowzeewee> ahhhhhh

<lowzeewee> coooooool

<Acriku> can anyone post?

<Effects_Guy> Well not too different since we just did movie clips for the game

<Sandwraith> nice

<lowzeewee> but still havent heard of it

<lowzeewee> how do u do the effects

<IRCMonkey_> oh... so basically the same principle

<Effects_Guy> I worked on Billy Ray's stuff and Sweet Tooth's hair

<Effects_Guy> Ya...basically

<Sandwraith> what is your next project?

<lowzeewee> do u have any homepage,effectie

<Effects_Guy> May go into theeme park work

<Effects_Guy> I do have a temp page

<Effects_Guy> very rough

<IRCMonkey_> what kind of theme park

<Effects_Guy> Hopefully Disney

<Sandwraith> something tells me someone at Fed2k likes this character http://www.dune2k.com/?page=duniverse-miniseries&show=cod-images

<Effects_Guy> http://www.hallofshadows.com/production.htm

<IRCMonkey_> i don't blame you... it's sort of every designer/illustrator dream to work there

<Effects_Guy> And Film TV too unstable

<Acriku> not to visit though ;)

<IRCMonkey_> yeah, Disney's pretty stable

<Effects_Guy> I got laid off early so they could spend more on Edric

<IRCMonkey_> nasty

<Effects_Guy> It happens

<lowzeewee> edric?

<IRCMonkey_> yeah, i guess so

<Acriku> Alia is hot Sand, I don't blame em

<lowzeewee> edric O?

<Effects_Guy> Owner of 51 was real nice about it

<IRCMonkey_> being nice helps a little

<Effects_Guy> Good guys over there

<MahdiFED2k> Note: From this part on the chat will nt be loggged. To see the logged portion of the chat, visit fed2k (www.dune2k.com) tommorow

Session Close: Mon Mar 17 00:03:22 2003

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Also in reply to FanFicGod, about Hayt getting his memory back and becoming Duncan Idaho here is a quote from Dune Messiah.

The words began to unfold in the ghola's consciousness. A sensation of living two lives simultaneously spread out through his awareness:

Hayt/Idaho/Hayt/Idaho . . . He became a motionless chain of relative existence, singular, alone. Old memories flooded his mind. He marked them, adjusted them to new understandings, made a beginning at the integration of a new awareness. A new persona achieved a temporary form of internal tyranny. The masculating synthesis remained charged with potential disorder, but events pressed him to the temporary adjustment. The young master needed him.

It was done then. He knew himself as Duncan Idaho, remembering everything of Hayt as though it had been stored secretly in him and ignited by a flaming

catalyst. The corona dissolved. He shed the Tleilaxu compulsions.

"Stay close to me, Duncan," Paul said. "I'll need to depend on you for many things." And, as Idaho continued to stand entranced: "Duncan!"

"Yes, I am Duncan."

"Of course you are! This was the moment when you came back. We'll go inside


So he got his memories back in Dune Messiah.

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