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Thought about CoD(not review, i have seen it)


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I got the eps 1 week ago, but haven't had time to watch it untill now, just finished watching all 3 eps in a row( i liked it alot ). just wanted to let you all know that all 3 of these eps are better than any of the first frank herberts dune. The first episode is by far the best, followed by episode two, episode two is still better than any episode from the first mini series though.

And people might have read in a review that the miniseries had removed many of the "plans within plans" making it much of a soap opera, i disagree in that statement, it is correct that some parts were cut out(for instance, paul were never on salus secondus, and the end with alia were a little different). Though the skin on the Tyrant didn't seem at all like i had wanted it, i can forgive that. This is a great mini, and considering how well it went for the first mini, this should get smashing ratings.

Enjoy the show on monday, tuesday & wednsday. and please, if you have even the minor interest in dune, and could atleast stand to watch the first mini( i didn't like that very much, too, hmm, andromeda for me), you will probably like this.



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