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colour of Spice Melange

Emperor Harkonnen

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If we're taking Frank's books as the ideals for colours, then I agree with NHJ BV. Pre-spice is green, as shown when Leto II was thinking of sandtrout; spice is orange, mentioned as such in Edric's tanks, which is really just concentrated melange turned into a gas. Spice essence is described as being blue when Leto II is kept doped up on it by Namri. Plus remember when it rains on Leto, he starts smoking blue, and Siona can get spice essence to drink from the membranes near his neck because of he moisture in her fingers. I don't know which would technicaly be pure spice. The spice for everyday use is the orange powder; the spice essence I think could be a truthsayer drug (did Murbella go on it when she became a reverend mother?) and pre-spice goo was only seen near sandtrout. I'd go for the everyday form of orange powder as it's the most widely seen and used.

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For the most part I agree with NHJ BV. However I do wonder if 'spice essance' also covers melange pills and spice gas... (As mentioned above). I always imagined both of those as being orangy-brown or "cinnamon" coloured, like spice in the desert. Mmmm.... Cinnamon....

Pre-spice mass seems to be green though...

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the molecule is undoubtedly huge though, (taking into account how hard it would be to duplicate, even in the far future withthe tleilexu, and on a smaller account the prequels). Cinnamonic Acid would just be one part of the huge portion of the molecule. It could vary well be brownish, but I suspect it is a totally different color than the altered spice melange of the open desert. It is a little more impure and it probably has oxidized as well as been baked by the sun.

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