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Dune and Col. Lawrence

Warlord Ripskar

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The first Dune book is very close to the situation in north Africa and Arabia during WWI.

Good guys, bad guys and the natives.

(maybe WWII as well)

There's the struggle between good and evil: Atreides and Harkonnen.

The Harkonnen apear as a Monarchic USSR (or something like it).

The Atreides would be more UK than US.

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Just a few of the similarities;

Arabic coffee has spice added to it, (Cardomom).

Petra seems to be the inspiration for the seitch.

Lawrence is completely defeated at the beginning and retreats to the desert coming back with hordes of Bedouin.

The only sheik who betraws him is the leader of the Beni Sakr.

Beni Sakr means "Sons of Hawks".

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