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...Some of you who frequent the Dune Generations forum may know me as the always posting Premier Soonir Haueisen, founder of the Consortium. The Consortium is one of the larger guilds in the Generations Universe at present and we are looking for additional members to supplement our ranks. If you're interested please direct your attention at the Consortium thread on the Dune Generations General English Forum. It should be near the top. Regards...Premier

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I posted this in the offical Dune Generations forum...

Many of you, the noble Houses of the Landsraad, have expressed great interest in creating an alliance with others Houses. This may be to increase the wealth and prestige of your House, to strengthen or provide defense against the possibility of attack, or perhaps some other reason. To this we offer an alliance. We call ourselves the Consortium. The Consortium is a loose confederation of Houses of the Landsraad, which offer mutual defense and the profits that trade will bring. We seek to better each of the Houses which have pledged support to the Consortium, and in turn receive benefits, some of which may not be attainable by an unaligned House. As it stands the Consortium is one of the larger alliances in the Landsraad. A considerable number of Houses have already joined together to create this body of great wisdom. The Consortium does not prohibit its allies to engage in activities with other Factions. However, military jaunts would be unadvisable without first conversing with fellow Houses of the combine. The Consortium does not take its position in the Imperium and its prestigious position in the Landsraad lightly, and will not find aversion to all activities which serve the interests of the Padishah Emperor and thus, the allies of the Consortium. We will not engage in foolish vendettas against Houses unless the aforementioned Houses issue either right of Kanly or make military threats or take actions with threaten the well being of a House of the Consortium. Once such unwise actions have been taken the might of the Consortium shall be brought to full bear against those who seek to wrong us. The Consortium shall also follow the Terms of the Great Convention including the Dictum Familia, Kanly, and the prohibition of the use of atomics against human targets. The forms must be obeyed.

Send all diplomatic transmissions to the Plenipotentiary of the Consortium, the Premier Soonir Haueisen. The Prime Minister of House Haueisen can be reached at theconsortium@hotmail.com or by sending private messages. All memoranda will be forwarded to the Premier Haueisen, and all applicants must face review by tribunal and a subsequent majority vote to be granted acceptence into the syndicate of the Consortium.

-Premier Soonir Haueisen, Siridar of the planet Bastion, Plenipotentiary of the Consortium

By the way...the clan listing page of this site doesn't appear to be working...

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