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hehe, Conan O'Brian talking about Dune


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First off, I love Conan O'Brian. He is a genius and was the greatest writer for simpsons ever. He also has a amazing talkshow that I try to watch all the time.

I remember when a bit ago he had Kyle Mclaughlin as one of his guests. They actually started talking about the film Dune he was in. Conan was like, "Yeah, for goodness sakes, they even gave out mini terminologies in the screening when I was there." then he did a little funny impersonation of a navigator demanding spice. hehehe

I just thought it was great. It is also interesting to see how bold david lynch was in making Dune. I mean I think it is an impossible feat to make a movie of Dune that is just as amazing as the book. It would just take too long and would cost too much money.

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