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Writing it here instead of replying to your thread so u do see the reply. It IS possible to enable enough extended memory! Im using Win98 dunno if thats different to you. I did it a while ago, no one seemed to know how so i just messed around and eventually got it. Ive since formatted hdd and hvent tried since and i dont no too much about pcs. But ill try and do it again tonight, and if it works ill let u know how

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I know you CAN enable extended memory, but you don't have to. Neither do you have to enable expanded memory (though I recently learnt how to do that). You should get the game to work okay if you just have enough bass memory (if I remember correctly).

Don't worry - I nearly always check the threads I've started or recently replied to!

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Most times Dune II should run fine in Windows and not complain that it doesn't have enough conventional memory (or base memory, as I call it). However, if you don't have enough base memory in Windows or (as in my case (at one stage)) your sound card doesn't support DOS games in Windows, you'll have to use a boot disk. That is what my "Not enough memory" thread is all about.

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