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need help


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About the cutscenes being coppy.. I think you have done all you could, considering the components you have.

1) The output says a 6.5mb video card from intel (which I believe is an onboard one). Even if it would be an 8 mb card, it's a low quality video accelarator.

2) Your RAM. 128mb isn't that much these days, especially Westwood 3D games. They demand a lot from resources.

3) The processor, Intel Celeron 500Mhz isn't that much either.

All these components together aren't the greatest things you can have to play EBFD (or Renegade for that matter). I'm sorry to be so harsh, but I have to be honest. There isn't much more I can do. You've followed my advise and did what you could to get it resolved, but with the current specs, I don't think I can get the choppy cutscenes to go away :-/

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I dont understand you :O !!

1. output...intel...onboard...accelerator... Whats it ???

2. RAM...resources...  :O

3. :O

I dont understand to hardware!!! I want a software what will help me.

Or settings, not replacing hardware and components! :O

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