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planet's size

Emperor Harkonnen

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Maybe is obviusly that the humans prefer the planets with the size of the Earth.

But, if you see, the human races were created and are influenced by the distance to the sun or gravity of the homeplanet. for example the Tleilaxu people are small, so their planet has a high gravity and is large, but that modification is caused by thousands of years of evolution (or maybe a gene manipulation); and they have wrinkled and gray skin so maybe ther planet has a long distance to their sun, or their sun is relatively smaller than ours.

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I think is big and has high gravity because they are small, by the adaptation to live in that planet.

For example imagine the aliens of jupiter (the biggest planet), they would be like dwarfs. And the aliens of pluto (the smallest planet) would be high beings, because of the gravity, so they can jump or walk with any problem.

Or maybe the colinized planets were terraformed (terramorphed?) and maybe they have artificial gravity to the planets that doesn`t have the Earth size.

The Fremen also have adapted to Arrakis, because they can regenerate quickly and maybe with adapted eyes to resist a great amount of light.

The Harkonnens could be with adapted lungs to resist the contamination and eyes to be able to see in the dark produced by the contamination.

The Atreides could have big lungs to hold a big amount of air also with long legs and arms so they can swim without any problem in their oceanic planet.

The Guild normal people could have atrophied muscles and short legs and longer arms with a small body (if the guild spaceships doesn`t have artificial gravity).

About the sizes of the planets I have no idea, so say how are the diferent human races, so I can say how is their planet.

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