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Rebirth of Darkness

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A B5/Star Trek Crossover by Ordos45 and ExAtreides!


The History of the Milky Way Galaxy is a history of war. Since the first beings of intelligence evolved, they waged war upon one another in a battle for bloody supremacy. One of these races was known as the Shadows, a powerful and ancient race who thrived on chaos and destruction. A great alliance of races banished them, and they were thought forever destroyed.

Too late it was realized the Shadows had not been destroyed. In fact, they merely switched universes. They arrived in the year 2392 to find a universe full of strife. Most of the major powers were badly weakened by a war with a race of cyber organic beings known as the Borg. By the end of the war, the Borg had been nuetralized as a threat, and the Shadows began to make themselves known.

In the wreckage of the planet once called Bajor they set up a small base, knowing it would draw the attention of the Federation, Romulans, or Klingons. Once the Federation Task Force arrived, fighting was intense. The Shadow scouting fleet at Bajor was destroyed, and out of the three Starfleet craft, 1 was destroyed, 1 was disabled, and 1 was badly damaged and in need of repairs.

A new age of chaos has just begun....


The Excalibur thrummed powerfully beneath his feet. Admiral Kujou had pushed through the Excalibur-Class Battleships shortly after the war with the Borg last year. He was proud of his creation.

Multiphasic shielding, ablative armor, deploying ablative armor like Voyager brought back, pulse phasers, phaser strips, four heavy phaser cannons, photon torpedo launchers, quantum torpedo launchers, transphasic torpedo launchers, cloaking device, and it was capable of transwarp speeds. This was a true battleship, not like his old Freedomsong. The Katana was a Defiant Class vessel, and the Prometheus was of the Prometheus Class.

"Sensors are detecting one of the ships dead ahead, sort of," said the Sensor officer puzzled.

"Sort of," snapped Admiral Kujou questioningly.

"Its slipping on and off our sensors," explained the flustered Sensor Officer.

Kujou swivelled in his chair to face the Communications Officer," Tell the rest of the Task Force to go to Red Alert."

Red lights lit around the bridge, and in the other vessels similiar affects were taking place.

"Ship is changing course," said the Sensor Officer panicking," Its spotted us."

Suddenly a war shriek split through the minds of all the crew members. Kujou stared at the dark spider-like craft on the viewscreen, headed towards them. It looked alive...

"Energy spike," screamed the Sensor Officer.

"Deploy the armor," shouted Kujou.

The armor deployed and the purple beam that shot forth from the unknown ship hit it hard. Slowly but surely the beam of energy was burrowing through the armor, it had completely bypassed the shields.

"Hull breach on Deck Five," yelled someone, Kujou couldn't tell who.

"Lock all phasers," shouted Kujou," Fire!"

Heavy beams of phaser fire struck some of the potrusions, cutting them off. Smaller pulse blasts peppered the hull of the enemy craft, causing small craters. The regular phaser blasts caused long scratches to appear over the moving black hull.

"We barely hurt it," muttered Kujou," Keep firing!"

"Sir," said the Sensor Officer," Its released a dozen smaller craft, about the size of Venture Scout Craft."

Each of the dozen smaller ships, each having a few spike with a main forward facing port, zoomed towards the Katana, firing purple blobs of energy mercifulessly. The shields of the Defiant Class Ship began to glow a ghastly red and then disappeared. Scorch marks began to appear along its hull. Finally the ship broke apart under the hail of energy.

Kujou stared in shock for a few seconds and then recovered," Tell the Prometheus to engage those fighters! Fire all of our phasers and a spread of five quantum torpedoes into the center of the larger vessel!"

The four heavy phaser cannons drilled into the center of the Spider-like craft, pulse phaser blasts peppered into the same area, normal phaser energy lanced forth to the same point, and finally the quantum torpedoes added their own destructive power to the mix. The vessel blew apart.

"Prometheus reports having destroyed the fighters Admiral," said the Communications Officer.

"Good," said Kujou warily," send a message to Starfleet Command, tell them about this new threat."

"Aye Admiral," said the Communications Officer.

"Sir! Another one of the larger craft is inbound on an attack vector," said the Sensor Officer, only seconds before the War Shriek filled their minds.

"Lock on with all weap..."

"Sir," said the Tactical Officer gravely," It has split into two ships, in addition to launching a dozen fightercraft."

"Have the Prometheus handle the fighters, we'll take the larger vessels," said Kujou, eyes locking on to the ships.

Phaser cannons, pulse phaser blasts, regular phaser shots, and photon torpedoes all ripped into one of the two larger vessels, blowing it apart. The other large ship zoomed in quickly firing its beam weapon repeatedly, random scores across the hull of the Excalibur.

Kujou's chair rocked beneath him," Take that ship out!"

"We can't," said the Tactical Officer," its evading all of our phaser blasts."

The Excalibur rocked mightly under another hail of beam weapon fire. The lights dimmed briefly and smoke was almost a detectable scent upon the bridge.

"Hull breaches on decks 4, 6, and 18," reported the Sensor officer.

"Hurry up with that targetting lock," said Kujou between gritted teeth.

The Ship came in on another attack dive, slashing up and down the length of a warp nacelle with its beam weapon, until finally the nacelle split apart and the pieces drifted off.

"We just lost the port nacelle," shouted one Officer.

Brilliant bursts flared from every phaser bank on board, and the ship attacking them was reduced to organic dust.

"Targets destroyed," said the Tactical Officer.

"Prometheus reports similiar status with its engagement. All fighters destroyed, but they've lost all power to two of the three sections, they're manually reattaching the hull pieces," reported the Communications Officer.

"When they do tell them we need to get out of here," said Kujou," we can still go to warp or transwarp with only one nacelle, correct?"

"Aye Admiral," said the Chief Engineer from his station," but it will be a bumpy ride."

Eventually the Prometheus was back in one piece after its multi-vector assault mode.

"Go to warp, now," ordered Kujou.

The wounded Excalibur and Prometheus both jumped to warp, headed back for the Federation Border.

Kujou sat warily in his ready room rereading the Section 31 report sitting on his desk and began to mutter aloud," The Prophecy states 'Woe to ye oh galaxy. An enemy as old as Darkness, in fact tis the Darkness lurks among ye. They are Shadows, wraiths of the dark. They shall bring ye to your knees, and the galaxy shall burn in the fires of chaos.'"

(Yep, the prologue gave a small synopsis of the first chapter but they build on each other. Okay Ex, your turn for the Shadow POV Chapter)

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The Shadow armada reached the boarder of the known galaxy.

He dected bits of fear in some of the other ships. No other shadow had been this close to the rim.

So close to exiting the galaxy. The sheep that they had flocked for geneartions. The ships aranged themselvs in a V formation. the largest ship pointing at the swirling mass that was the edge of everything known.

Telpathic waves slwoly started coming seeping down the V. Reaching the V. Giving him large amounts of stored telapathic energy. Thousands of shadow ships. Across the galaxy did the same.

At 5:55 A:M Earth standerd time. The first portal was opened. A swirling purple hyperspace portal. Lighting crackled down its length.

The Shadows headed in. Ready to leave behind the sheep.

The Vorlon fleet had arived several days earler. Making contact with the ancient races and telling them of the Shadows miss deads. Still harboring much resent against the Shadows.

The Ancient races. Unable to hear the Shadows side of the conflict. Came up with the ultimate puishment. One that was only handed to one race in the past. The Sho-Ma-Sins or living dead.

The shadow fleet arived to a hostile and viotil mass of angre ancients. Facing no other choice. They focused all of there mental abilities into a Three massive portals.

One Fled into the Delta qaudrent. Near the corner of another galaxy.

The other to the Alpha. The last fled to the corner of the beta. The second sect of the shadows. Were the only ones who encounterd life. The others. Continued on the dark deeds. Building up resources. There were new sheep to tend to. And new wolves to keep at bay.

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Cindels head spun lazily has he pilioted his craft through a metaphasic nebula.

Filth Vial Foolish creatures. He thought to himself. Those vial Vorlon will be punished once the old ones relise theire grave error.

"Ship sighted at" Came the voice of his old comerade Xavior.

"These humans never cease to amaze me. A completly different universe. And yet there ships look almost the same." He said.

"What shall we do with this craft?" Xavior asked.

"Same thing we do with every non Shadow ship. Destroy it."

Captin William Wallace of the Starship Gaia. A Sabre class vessel. Sent to patrol a small section of space in the Alpha qaudrent.

He was middle aged. 42 years old, receding hairline. Temper that could melt the hull plates of a Soverigne class vessel. One of the reasons he commanded such a small ship. He had commanded a nebula class vessel. But do to a misunderstanding with a race in the Gama qaudrent. He had incinerated a coloney ship carying 300,000 aliens.

Demoted to a mear Captin. He sat in the chair staring angerly at the view screen.

Why am i even out here? He asked himself. I should be commanding something big. Hell they didnt even let me fight back the Borg offensive. Patroling a small section of space whare nothing happend.

absolutly nothing.

"Sir. I am picking up some strang readings coming from that metaphasic nebula."

"What kind if readings Tula?" He asked his vulcan tactical officer.

"I don't Know sir. Its, its." He fell to the ground clutching his head. screeming.

Wallace and others rushed over to him. "Tula? Tula? What is it? Are you hurt?" Wallace said shaking his tactical officer.

"I am the machine. I am the machine. I am the machine. I am the machine." He said feebly moving his lips.

"Sir! We have incoming!"

Wallace turned towards the main view screen.

A ship caming looming towards them. Swirling blackness. His eyes wanted to roll off of it.

"Shields!" He screemed rushing back to his chair.

"Sir were getting a energy spike!"

"Evasive manuver Charlie Beta Nine!"

The Sabre class shiped rolled to its left. A purpilish beam sliced down whare the Gaia had been moments before.


"Sir we cant get a lock! They have some type of stelth tech sir. Are sensors can only lock on for half a second!"

"Go manual then! I dont care. I want that thing out of my sky!"

He pressed a slivery button on his arm rest. The 1812 oviture filled the bridge.

Wallace smiled.

The ships foward phaser strip shot out towards the Shadow vessel. Striking it mid section. The Ship lost control. Spinning in random directions.

"HA!" He screemed outloud. "Bring us in for a close scan. I want to know what the hell that thing is."

The ship moved closer to the spinning vessel.

"Sir I am dectecting faint energy signitures. Its posible we simply damaged it."

The Gaia settled over head of the spinning vessel.

"Tractor it."

"We cant get a lock sir."

"Have you ran thermal scans?" He asked his science officer Ensin Haily.

"Scanning." She said.

A defeaning screetch came over the ships Com system. The crew cried out.

"Sir It regained control. Its locking onto us!"

"WHAT!" Wallace screemed in horror.

The shadow vessel turned and faced the Gaia. It fired its Purpilsh beam Down the ships length competly bi-passing its shields.

Explosions erupted across the ship. Artifal gravity was lost. Consols exploded across the ship. Wallace flew out of his chair. And darkness consumed him.

"A enteresting battle Cindel." He thought. coming out of the nebula.

"They fought...."

"Strangly." Cindel finished for him.

"They fell for the trap easily."

"Yes indeed they did. What should we do about this ship?"

"We have not studied one of there ships upclose. And I sense that many of the crew still live. Let us take it with us."

"Very well." Cindel said ataching himself to the Sabre class vessel.

The Two shadow vessels Phased into hyperspace.

Cindel enjoyed the screemes that wafted from thes ship. Some of the speices would make very good speicimes for disection.

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... It has been millions of years of sleep for this ancient race, but now it seems that the portal has been found once again...

The huge rocky portal was carried out of hyperspace by a few foolish explorers. Mind controlled by the ancient race and their own personal curiosity the pitiful alien scientists could not stop themselves from opening the forbidden gateway.

As soon as the ships exited hyperspace they began to lose energy, while the portal itself began to glow with power and then at last began to crack open. The explorers awed in disbelief as they stared at the huge battleships that began to come out of Thirdspace. But very soon after all of them were obliterated.

The race, known only as the sole inhabitants of Thirdspace, guided by hate and desire to destroy everything that is alive and not belonging to them, has finally been freed.

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Admiral Kujou looked warily at the report in his hands, and sighed. They had lost contact with a Sabre Class vessel and believed it lost, probably to these Shadows.

The Excalibur thrummed beneath his feet, a mighty testament to Federation power. It was sitting, fully repaired, in the middle of a motley fleet of three Cardassian Keldons and two Romulan Warbirds. This was the meeting to share the information he possessed with the Gemor Government of Cardassia, and whoever was in the Romulan Senate at the moment. In fact, the entire Senate was aboard one of those Warbirds... (Will write more to this part later.)

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