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Trojans on WOL, sad


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I haven't seen any posts about this so i apologize if i posted about something previously covered. Just thought i would help out u guys since EBFD chat runs on IRC.

WOL games, specifically TS/FS and RA2, have a few guys going into the online chat rooms using IRC scripts advertising trainers and hacks for the games. If you visit the site and install the trainer nothing happens visibly. What does happen is that the program/trojan reconfigures your MIRC settings after installing a clone MIRC program on your computer. Unknown to the user some guy far away is using part of your internet connection bandwidth for a "botnet".

For anyone not familar with a botnet here's a URL to educate yourself: http://golcor.tripod.com/gtbot/gtbot_accessdiver.htm

Botnets can be configured to make slave packeters, keyboard loggers, or even change your computer settings like an actual "hack" of your computer.

The trojans that i have seen advertised are NOT, i repeat NOT detected by virus scanners. Maybe Nyar can submit their info to the right places and change that. Nyar if you pm my i'll try and find a site advertising but they go up and down as ppl try and close them once they know what they are

For those of you saying "he's crazy, TS or RA2 or whatever game is +M, it doesn't have online chat enabled" wrongo. You cannot chat thru your game console, but you can chat thru the use of an IRC program remotely connected to the IRC server used for the game chat room

My old website did an article on one of the guys advertising these trojans and he decided to packet the site. We had over 200 guests logged onto our forums at once cause of the guy, so there ARE kids out there gullable enough to install this stuff

Just a heads up. If you think your infected i have info on how to remove the older versions. I'm not sure if any newer versions are being used


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First Westwoodexposed.com was shut down by the web site host because he got alot of complaints from one web site that didn't like us talking about trainers since it was making WW look bad

Then Westwoodexposed.net was opened. If anyone saw that site in the last month or two the new design was made by myself. That site shut down like a week ago because in part due to one of the two or three guys making bot nets packeting(one of these guys also works for an irc network called radiantx.net). By the way Westwoodexposed.net, at its end was trying hard to keep online gaming in WW safer.

The straw that broke the camels back was when the Westwoodexposed.net web site creator Ty[wse] went into the official IRC chat for the site and saw all the characters from radiantx that he knows did or do help in hacking or spreading trojans. He asked to have them banned and the network admins (which work with the westwoodexposed.net hoster) said no. After that the site creator got sick of dealing with these type of ppl and decided the site wasn't worth the trouble anymore

Ty[wse] is still pursuing cheat free servers. He has had to replace several ppl that left the project. I don't see the servers coming up in the near future though. Ty is very adamant about wanting to complete the project, but he doesn't have the programming skills yet to finish the work on his own. He is in school to get the programming backround, and he has friends helping him again now, but its gonna take a while

I should be making my own site in the near future as soon as i take a little vacation from site design, forum installations (we used vBulletin), and site updates. If anyone wants info on my site I'll be happy to pm them but i don't want to give too many ppl ideas before i get it up, heh


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