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Dune2000 gives "Out of sync" error on LAN


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hmmm no, not realy. Perhaps Nyar knows one.

How long is the line? Cuz the longer the line, the more chances of connection problems. 1 gigabit is cool though :) ;) Too bad that you run it at 10 mbps. Can't your network cards handle more?

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yeah perhaps. Cuz you said that mostly you get disconnectin in an hour or so, this may also be cuz of the 10mbps connection speed. Even though this should be enough for any game. Westwood proved with Red Alert that even such a network can not be enough.

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Thanks for the tip, but its a bit hard, the cable goes through 3 walls to my neighbours PC ;) . And I dont have the skill/equipment to make it crossover... However I found an article in westwoods dune2000 faq saying that it is due to patches/hacks/cheats. And I use a cracked copy of dune2000... (but i HAVE bought dune2)

So it is propably solved.

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