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there was a giant explosion in which the tv seemed to shake violently and then there were blasts of green  and red lasgun shots,with screaming following....Alex clicked the pause button.---What was that?---The Duke asked Alex.-----I made the security system go beserk so that it fired at the Executrix and guards,and besides,they were gonna die an excruciating death anyway.Oh!And here is the part where I got some really good information!----Alex clicked the play button again and the camera fixed onto the Executrix.The Ordos Speaker was screaming into a screen;----Mentat!Prepare our whole army to invade Sector A of Caladan!----And then there was a tremendous roar and  the screen went black.---How could you have escaped that?----The Duke asked Alex in desbelief.---I've got my ways,---Said Alex,with a grin spreading on his face.---But thats not important,they are probably half-way to Caladan already!You have to mobilize your troops and send them to Sector A!----- ------And why should I believe you?How do I know that the Executrix haven't actually made a plan to attack the capital?How do I know that theyr'e not just joking?!---- ---Because,----said Alex darkly,----The Executrix never joke.-----    

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