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The outpost

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Ok, this is my first true fantasy rpg, so darling be gentel. ;)

it takes place in on the borders of a huge desert, somewere in the southen part of the Chag Buric empire, the outposts purpose is to watch out, and sound the arlarm, if the dessert dwellers, a race of tigermen, not unlike the Khajiit from morrowind (in fact they are the same) tries to invade, NOTE, this does not take palce in the elder scrolls universe, the reces are just stolen from there.

The out post is to be manned by between 3 and 10 men, who come from all over the rest of Chag Buric.

if you want to join, here is how to start.

1: pick a race, the playabel race kan be found here, www.morrowind.com/index.php?url=/codex/races_map.htm&bg=03

2: pick a class, can be any of the traditionsal fantasy classes

3: write a short discreption, and a short background story for your chacater.

Thats about it


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Ok, here is my own charather:

Name: Zinjad

Race: Argonian

Age: 56

Class: Knight

Background: Like so many of his kind, Zinjad was a simpel tribesman in the Blackamrsh, homeland of the argonians, but one day he simpely had enough, and he left his tribe, and join the impreial army, after his frist battel, his commanding officer had notet his valour, and knightet him on the battelfield. Eversince Zinjad have fought in more battle than he can remember, and 'Chrysmere (his greatsword and weapon of choice) have atleast drank the blood of a thousand foes' as Zinjad puts it himself. Now he is close to retiering, at the age of 60, he will retire, and return to the Black Marsh, settel down and live off the legendary wealth for the rest of his life, He only have to serve at one more garnisson, and that is the Southpost.

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(ot: so nobody apart from legend and me, hove joined :'( :'()

Zinjad arravied at the southpost, it was nothing really, over the ground it was only a watch tower and a small house, enclosed by walls. But he knew that the most of the Southpost was underground.

Zinjad walked up to the gate and unlocked it with the key he had been provided in Tandem, the southen most true imprial city. Zinjad walked in, closed the gate behind him and locked it. He continued over to the samll house and unlocked the door and walked it and closed it. Zinjad walked around and checked out the underground part of the outpost, he geusse it streched out bellow the walls.

he finaly found the room whit a sing on the door that said

[qoute]Knight Commander[/qoute]

So this would be his home for the next 4 years.

HGe entert the room and sat down on the bed, and took his assingtment and read it again;

To sir Zinjad.

you are hereby assignet to take comand of the Southpost, you will serve as it's commander until your retirment.

You must guard it at all costs, and if the Khajiit ries to invade you must raise the alarm.

Lord Comander Selius Scravius

So that was it? It seemed easy enough. Now all he needed was his men to arravie.


The race kown as 'imprial' are the race who conqured rules the Chag Buric.

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The Bretons are men, the elves are mer, and the agronians, Khajiit and orcs are beastmen.

And yes we are here to run the outpost on our own, but under the leadership of Zinjad, and all the races apart form the Khajiit are also part of the Chag Buric empire.

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Thomas Raven finally arrived at the outpost, where he would serve for the coming years. He was welcomed by another man, who introduced himself as Richard Wolfcry.

"Welcome, sir. In a moment I'll introduce you to the rest of the personel here. You know this is a potentially hostile place?"

"I thought we're just here as an insurrance, that there was no real threat?"

"One of our men recently went missing. We're not sure what happened, but some of us think he was abducted by the Khajiit."

"I'm not scared that easily. Please introduce me to my men, and then show me my quarters."

Thomas specificly requested to be assigned to a desolate place, so he could continue his studies in peace. When he lived in the capitol city he was continuously bothered by civilians, requesting him to do the most silly things. But now things would be different. Peace and quiteness at last...or at least it seemed that way.

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Name: Morsir Eimune

Race: Redguard

Age: 42

Class: Mercenery

Background: Morsir started his life of mercenery at the age of 19. Over the years, Morsir had fight numerous battles, and had grew from a novice into one of the most feared warrior of Chag Buric. His Chitin Halberd, "Wolffang", had also turned from the original white to deep cherry red now, and become sharper and sharper. Normally Morsir won't accept guard missions, but this time the reward was 5 times the normal. This lead Morsir to the Southpost, and the ferocious battles that follows.

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(OT thanks for joinning everyone)

NOTE, nuker, the idea was that nobody in the Southpost was NPC, and if you read post #4, you would see that Zinjad is the commander, it's just to make sure I have a littel control over the situation.

And if in confuses anybody the outpost and the Southpost is the same thing, it's just called the southpost because it's the southernmost base in the Chag Buric.

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Oh, so it's just one single outpost. I'll edit my last one.

Thomas fed some of his birds. They were a species of raven that was indigenous to this desert, and reknowned for their excellent vision. Thomas wanted to tame these birds so they could serve as his eyes and ears throughout the area. Sofar the little creatures seemed stubborn, but he was making progress.

"Phew, it's hot in here" he mubled, speaking more to himself then to the ravens. On any account it was better then his last post, wich chilled his bones every day.

He was quite happy to receive this post, where he could study without being bothered. An archmage of his caliber could have got a positon with a wealthy man or even a royal court, but he did not desire such things. Material wealth only brings decay of morale and spirit, as he often says. Few of his befriended wizards agreed with him, but nobody could deny his knowledge and skill with scrolls and spells.

For now, at least, he was glad none of his wizzard collegues saw him now, taming birds.

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Zinjad walked out of the outpost ground level building, and up into the watchtower, when he reached the top, he found a warmblood, a Breton to be exact. The human seemed to be totaly focused on a bird of some sort.

Zinjad poked him on his left shoulder the breton turned with a surpeise look on his face

"what in the name of the Nine (the official gods of the Chag Buric)"

"I'm Zinjad" Zinjad said "ANd I'm the big guy around here, it's nice to sse that some more have arravied other than me and Richard (OOC: remember to write how you characther arravies), I take it that you are the Archmage that I was promised?"

"Yes I am" The Breton replied "My name is Thomas Raven"

"Good" said Zinjad "we need boys like, you see the Khajiit are quite afraid of magic"

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Morsir finally arrived at the gates of Southpost. His eyes immiediately scans for anything moving. He saw that two people, nope, a person and a Argonian, were on the watchtower.

"Open the gates! I'm Morsir Eimune! That Selius guy should have imformed you of that!"

Seeing that they seems to hesitate, Morsir got something out from his pack. It's two Khajiit's head, with blood still dripping.

"Present for ya all."

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Zinjad rushed down and opended the gate allowing Mosir to enter.

"Good to see you" Zinjad said

"Likewise. So this is the place that I will call home for the next 4 years?" Mosir said.

"So it seems" Thomas, who had joined them said.

"Mosir, once you have found you bed go scouting the area?" Zinjad said

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Morsir arrived in his room. The room is on the second storey of the small house, which gives a good view of the desert.

Morsir fetched a camal from the stable and rides out of the gate. The sky is clear and ravens could be seen flying high in the sky. This would be good for his scouting mission. Soon Morsir reached the top of a large chunk of rock. From there he saw dust clouds from far north.

"Hmm only two things would create this..." murmered Morsir, "Either a sandstorm, which could be omitted, or...crap!"

Morsir quickly leaped up the camal and head back south. He know that the other thing that would cause dust clouds were...a big army moving.

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(OOC, the outpost's living quaters and most of the rest of the storage is undergound, the only things above ground are the watchtower and the entrance to the outpost)

Zinjad lisent to the Redguards reprt wtih growing alarm, they were not only undermanned, but also short of supplies, if the enemy would not pass them, then they would be in big problems, if the army was headed for Tandem they would still have to warn the city.

Finmaly he came to a disicion,and he called for Thomans.

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Thomas was summoned by Zinjad, and he made his way quickly. This sounded like trouble.

"What is the trouble, sir?"

"There may be a large army on the march, heading in our direction. We would be overrun without trouble." Zinjan said.

"Well, that's just our luck isn't it? I could use my magic to cast a mirage effect over the outpost, making it appear as nothing as a rock. I could dispatch one of my crows as a messenger to the city. But I'm not entirely sure the mirage effect will fool them, as they would notice it's a fake if they come to close- we would need to distract them away from the outpost."

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I don't know. Just say you missed the bus and were late because of it lol ;)

Thomas opened one of the cages in his quarters, and took out his favourite raven, named Sarah. He tied a small piece of paper, with the message written on it, to her leg. He spoke a few encouraging words to the bird and then released it, and the raven made her way to the city of Tandem.

Thomas then climbed on the roof, where he would need to be to cast the mirage spell. When he finally reached the top, he threw a few chemical mixtures around himself and muttered a few latin spells. The air around the outpost began to distort, and in half a minute it was as if there was no longer an outpost, just a huge rock.

Thomas yelled through a window in the roof.

"The mirage is quite unstable. I can maintain it but I will have to remain here, otherwise I won't be able to garantue anything."

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Zinjad juped from his hideing place, and down at the camp, while hissing fircely and swinging Chrysmere, the following 'Battel' didn't take more the 30 seconds, the 6 khajiit were unprepared and only wearing light armour.

while Zinjad look around the camp he found a large sack, it was moving it contained somekind of living thing, he decided to open it, and when he did he found an unconsius woodelf.

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