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There has been a number of mod happenings the last little while that are worth mentioning. Here are a few of them...

First off Minniatian has done a great job decoding the EMC scripts found in Dune II. EMC is used in Dune II to basically tell the game what actions to perform with units or structures. Based on what he has found he created a patch that decreases the rocket turret range, removes trivial building damage, and a fix to make units that are repaired go back to the battlefield if there is a free Carryall. More details can be found in this thread which also links to his website where you can find the download and more detailed explanations.

Will has also created a website for Stefan Hendriks old Dune Edit program for Dune II. It contains a lot of details on how it works including some good tutorials. Worth a look if you have any plans of using the program.

There have also been a number of mods released for Emperor over the last week or so. For all the details check out Dune Editing. And as usual if you have any questions or are interested in Dune related modding be sure to check out our Editing forum. Also be sure to check out the latest Emperor maps.

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