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Exploration of Salusa Secundus


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Entry one: 4/27/10,192

I, Les Didrix, now begin my journal.

Today I landed on the Emporer's prison planet Salusa Secundus. I was not recieved well by the locals. Salusa is a place which nobody has ever tried to learn about. Almost like Arrakis except that Salusa is not a source of anything. I have been commitioned by the Explorer's Council to explore Salusa and find if there is more to this planet than meets the eye.

I suspect there is but nobody will say what. What caused the atomic disaster? Why has no attempt been made to reform Salusa? Why are there so many Sardaukar around?

I hope to find the answers to these, and probably many more, questions.

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Entry Three: 4/29/ 10,192

Today I "ran the Gauntlet" between Old Corrinth and Vernius Base. The Gauntlet is so full of Sardaukar its not even funny. I was part of a group of 100 prisoners. Including myself, 8 made it through alive. The Padishah Emporer is doing something on Salusa and he doesnt want the Great Houses to know about it. I, however, will find out and tell them. The Lansraad will take control of the Golden Lion Throne. This I am sure of.

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Entry Four: 4/30/10,192

Today I attempted to infiltrate the Prison City on Salusa's westernmost shoreline. I failed miserably. The Sardaukar are guarding that city and will shot at everything that comes near it. There is something inside that city that nobody else knows about. Im going to find out. Its my duty as a Explorer to find out. Maybe its a hidden stockpile of forbidden atomics?

Maybe its a melange stockpile?

Maybe its a weapon that will give the Emporer absolute power?

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Entry Five: 6/9/10,192

It has been over a month since my last entry but I think that is understandable. I have been hunted by both Sardaukar and Laza Tigers. Why they want me I don't know but I think it has something to do with the pictures I took of the Prison City.

The Emperor is not as benevolent as he seems. He has created a weapon that will allow him to take control of the Spice Trade. I call it the Imperial Attack Worm. With this they can go anywhere on the surface of Arrakis and attack anything they want to. I must get this information to the Landsraad and pray that they destroy the Emperor for this!

Oh the treason in the highest ranks of the Imperium!

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Entry Six- 7/16/10,192

I was almost killed today when a Sardaukar 'thopter patrol found me. They started shooting at me from every angle and I figured I was dead when all of a sudden four rockets shot out of nowhere and destroyed the thopters. I have yet to find my benefactor and thank him/her for saving me. I have compiled my information on the Imperial Worm and now I am trying to make my way back to the Landsraad.

Death to the Emperor.

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im copying out the journal of a man i killed on Salusa

i ripped out his heart with a spiked glove and then shot him with a lasgun.

the other Sardaukar feel that all should know this only so as to frighten the Landsraad into obeying the Emperor forever.

please forgive me my liege.

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Entry Seven-8/13/10,192

Today I met my "savior." It was a man who called himself Mahdy or something like that. I asked him how I could repay him for saving me. He seemed to look beyond me and then said "You will never repay me." Then, between one blink and the next, he was gone. Where he was standing there was a faint smell of melange but I think it may have been a figment of my imagination. Melange? On Salusa? That's almost as believeable as the Emperor allying with the Baron Harkonnen. It will never happen.

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