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The History of Theta

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The History of Theta

HomeWorld: Theta Wei.

Known as Wei T by inhabitants. A lush, fertile Planet. Covered in a mix of Forestry and Water, giving it an Aqua/Teal like appearence.

Insignia: The Karkiashia [ice Phoenix]

Main Exports:

Exrite Crystals, Farming Resources, Gupily Fruit and the Ordka Cobras venom.

What they are?

Exrite Crystals; a very high concrentrated form of crystalised energy. Can be used to form laser and shields of a different variaty then the Holtzman brand. Remove the risk of a Laser/Shield clash.

Gupily Fruit; a fruit Grown only on Wei T, very sweet or very sour depending on the seasons. A favourite amongst the Empire.

Ordka Venom; venom from a rare snake found on Wei T. It's venom is deadly to touch. It can be used as a Poison or an Antidoite for many other known poisons. It can also be modified to cause a temporary illusion of being invisable.

History: timeline


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oh, um. In another thread. Make your own houses. I think the third one. I made my house Jieng. During it I put this.

(See "History of Theta")

So I decided to actually make a History of Theta page. Thats all.

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