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Sardaukar's last stand.


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Otto Aramsham thought only of regaining his honor after his failures with destroying the demi-messiah Paul Atreides. Many years passed and he could only build what pieces he had left of the sardaukar name he had. Leto the second, Pauls son and now Emperor of the known Universe was having a splendid time hunting down any opposition.

    Luckily, Leto II's own trusted companion, Hayt Idaho was becoming bitter of the tyranny. His past memories came back to him in a sudden rush. All that his master did struck against all that he believed, this would be an advantage...

"ahh what I wouldnt give to see it all go to hell"

Aramsham chidded to himself over and over the same message, spinning a dagger by the tip of the blade on his finger. He suddenly stopped and looked up at the ceiling of his apartments that were given to him by close friends.

"I hope this damn ghola is useful. If so we can bring back the stability we once had with the padishah emperors or Corrino, and whats more is I would be a hero."

He let out a slow, agonizing sigh while thinking about the impossible mission ahead of him.

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"Male whore."

Otto slapped one of his underlings with his ring-clad hand, the idiots blood tainted the gold of his precious jewelry.

"You never plot your stupid schemes without my permission. Great Gods, what kind of people am I in charge of?"

"Please forgive me my leige, it wont happen-"

"Your damn right it wont happen again, and if it does blood wont be running from your cheek you animal. away from me."

The little information officer scrambled out of the apartment. His blood dripping all over the carpet.

What was I thinking in even choosing him for my tactical plans? This might cause problems. if information leaks and Leto tracks our thoughts, the Gods only know what would happen. At least tomorrow though I get to talk with Hayt.

"Yes... Then the planning begins."

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Duncan's goat black hair flowed as he walked towards Otto in his quarters. Smuggled caladan wine in a crystal goblet awaited him.

"Glad you could make it Hayt, We should get down to discussion."

"I cant say too much. the filthy worm could see right through me if I gave him a chance."

"Sit Hayt, sit."

He sat down into the plush chairdog. It conformed to his body. He took a sip of the poison tested wine, Sweet and tangy as he remembered it.

"This stuff brings back memories. Also call me Duncan. That... Tleilaxu name insults me."

"of course Duncan, but we need to focus on what to do.

I have my most trusted men in position. What do you wish of me to do?"

"Nothing to do yet Otto, I need to gather more information to form a plan. This will be quite tricky, and whats more he cant know of my involvment. I must only know the basic outline of this plot.

"Verywell Duncan. You find information and bring it to me. Then I can form the detailed plan against this filthy beast leto..."

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Mother slone looked at her failing as a curse. The chapterhouse was destroyed on Wallach. The demise of all the histories and teachings was inevitable. She only hoped that there were rogue groups deep in the fringes of space that could keep the sisterhood alive. the rest were put under the harsh thumb of Leto II. Whats worse was the sisterhood's secret breeding program was taken by him. She knew little of the details but her wisdom made her realise what a loss it was. such a blow...

She heard about Otto Aramsham and his ideas. A weaking of a man had ran from his quarters late one night. she knew of Otto's workings and took all the information she could from the little man before dispatching him.

"Maybe I can lend services to him. Finally I might get rid of the damnable worm-man."

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