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Renegade Fan Fiction


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gunner154's Renegade Fan Fiction #1

(This story is rated PG 13 and above due to excessive swearing)


Well this story is simply based on C&C Renegade, a great game by Westwood Studios. This is a story on Havoc's operations.


1.) Comment if you wish, but if you have nothing good to say do not post or I'll get the moderators to delete your posts (thanks I just read the rules in this forum).

2.) DO NOT continue the story on your own. You may question about anything related to the story, but once answered DO NOT delete your post so that others can refer to the question.

3.) Enjoy!

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In a GDI base Havoc sits on a chair (as usual), slams a cup of coffee on the table, and gobbles up whatever remains to be Gunner's sandwiches. He then takes out his own sandwiches and eats them up.

"Sir, it's guard duty." a GDI soldier goes up to him and warns.

Basically, to Havoc, guard duty is torture. He's very impatient. "Uhuh."

"We have to go now."

"NOW!? Where's the hurry?"

"No sir-"

Havoc gets up and grabs the collar of the unfortunate GDI soldier. "Look here, soldier, we have no hurry. Nod isn't coming yet, right? Ask Sergeant Hammock if he could lend me some ketchup."

The GDI soldier salutes smartly, neatly pats on his collar, then runs out of the dugout.

Havoc finishes the sandwiches before the soldier could return, leaves the dugout and looks at the sky.

"Nice. Where's Patch?" he asks himself. "Ah, Patch, that head-tied tiberium wielder of a man. If only he could bring me some ketchup."

Patch managed to bring Havoc some ketchup one day, but accidentally spilled the whole thing on Sakura, who was infuriated and gave Patch a nice slap.

Havoc shuddered at the thought.

"Hmm...the soldier I sent...got me ketchup."

The soldier never returned.

"Stretcher-bearers!" a voice was heard at the entrance of the base. "This is Eagle Base, report the casualties."

came from the nearby radio of a GDI officer.

"16 reported missing, 4 dead, 1 injured." was the reply.

"Send an Orca and locate the missing infantry. They ran away with an MRLS. Get the vehicle back."

"Affirmative." said the officer.

Havoc pulled off the strand of hair from his head, drew his automatic pistol, waved it around, and approached the officer.

"Tell me more about it." he ordered.


"The missing." Havoc replied.

"16 infantry are reported missing. They seemed to have been caught stealing an MRLS without official permission and fled."

"Where did they go?" Havoc queried.

"They went...there." the officer pointed to a winding canyon, where a light tank was found.

"There's a light tank-"

The officer ran away from Havoc, and started ordering his troops to fire at the tank. It blew up quickly, and a GDI Rocket Soldier Officer came out, firing a small salvo of 3 at the infantry.

"Help me!" "Shoot! Kill them!" "Ahhhhhhhh!"

The Rocket Soldier had no difficulty picking off the infantry. He then ran away.

"Give me the chaingun." Havoc stared at the canyon, giving orders to the GDI officer.


"Give me the chaingun."



"Give me the chaingun!"


Havoc looked down, and saw the GDI Officer staring on the ground, staring at the sky.

He perished.

"Such a careless man. Blast it, I'm gonna take your friend away." said Havoc, who snatched the chaingun from the officer's hands.

Havoc grabbed the radio on the officer, and shouted at it.

"You 'best man' is dead, where's your wife!?"


"It's your best man officer!"

A voice blared through the speakerphone, "Havoc, we know Gumman is dead, but he fed too much on chewing gum, and dirtied his hands."

Havoc looked at the gun, which had a patch of gum on it. Havoc threw it away.

"Havoc, there are SAM sites nearby, they are guarded by armour. I need those SAM sites out." the officer started talking.

"Blah, considered it done."

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Havoc looked ahead. He pulled out a pair of binoculars and looked for the SAMs.

"Cooper are you kidding me? There are no SAMs here!"

"Havoc, looked carefully. They are concealed by shrubbery. Also there's some tank there guarding the SAMs. Turn it into scrap metal for our use, then disable the SAM sites." Cooper answered.

Havoc shrugged, then gave a devilish grin. He turned round the canyon, then saw the Flame Tank.

"Flame Tank." he said on the mobile.

"You don't have armour-piercers Havoc? A Flame Tank should not be much of a problem for you."

"I have no armour-piercers there's not even a weapons factory around here! Damn the Eagle Base!" Havoc cursed.

"There's enough food to go around Havoc, and that goes the same for weapons. Wasn't there a Rocket Soldier Officer just now? I remembered he was behind the flame tank."

"He could run. Wait, I could get that guy's rocket launcher! Thanks Cooper, I owe ya a meal."

"Just be careful I want that meal but I need you alive to do so."

Havoc knew that an automatic rifle can't kill the officer without arousing suspicion of the soldier in the flame tank.

Havoc flinged his automatic pistol around, which still locked onto his hand, then fired 1 shot.

2 shots.

3 shots.

The officer is dead.

Havoc rushed towards the corpse, took the rocket launcher.

"Yeah Cooper, I could get some armour there."

"No Havoc the flame tank was air-lifted onto this spot you cannot get it out to anywhere." Cooper answered.

Havoc moved back three steps like Locke taught him and fired 4 shots - more than enough to destroy a flame tank and decapitate the driver.

He destroyed the flame tank.

Havoc peered down at the scorched corpse, murmured a "thanks" to the dead, then planted 2 Remote C4s on both SAM sites.

He detonated the C4s.

"Give me a 'Godsend'."

"Havoc we're not here to destroy a Nod base but to recover the infantry and MRLS." Cooper answered.

"Without 'Godsend' I can't take out the obelisk. I lack C4s."

"Get a personal ion cannon."

"Okay Cooper, there are  three things a commando can do and three things that he can't. A commando can destroy a building with any kind of equipment. A commando can get near a turret and destroy it. A commando can use distractions as he was trained to. A commando cannot get near an obelisk. A commando cannot get near a hand of Nod easily. A commando cannot destroy a vehicle with C4s." Havoc listed.

"What you said applies to standard GDI soldiers too. No more arguments, Commando, you have no vehicles  so don't think of 'Godsend'."

Havoc rubbed his head, and proned. He quickly shot down 3 Nod soldiers who were walkihng past.

Havoc then jumped forward, and walked towards the Nod base.

"Cooper, can I have air support? The obelisk is too tall for me to reach." Havoc requested.

"You don't need to get near the deadly part Havoc. Remember where the Master Control Terminal is?"

"Cooper my useless friend can't you help me with this? No Orcas to help means no mission accomplishment."

"Havoc I wish to hear no more nonsense. I'll send you a Hummer. Do as you deem fit."

Havoc looked around, and saw a Humm-Vee approaching his sector.

A man with a blue cap on his head and a black patch on his eyes opened the Humm-Vee door, and came out of the car.

"Deadeye." said Havoc.

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"Cooper said Mendoza is here so I decided to lend you a hand." Deadeye replied. He raised a ramjet rifle.

"Nice. Where's Patch?"

"He's in Los Angeles. Never mind about Patch. We've got a job to do here."

"Why didn't you steal an Orca?"

"You know what Cooper can do even though we're the Dead 6. I don't want to be the first one dead." then he laughed.

"Deadeye, you rarely laugh silent man. Come on, we got to raid the base. Map?"

"Here," Deadeye took out a piece of paper, and laid it on the ground. "We have an obelisk here, three gun turrets around it, a power plant, a hand, an airstrip, and a harbour."

"Deadeye, we need those gun turrets down. We need Orcas!"

"Do not be too persistent, or you may have an hour left to live." Deadeye quoted.

"Where did you get that from?"

"It's my quote."

"You make up your own quotes?"

"Shut up we have a job to do." Deadeye said.

"But the Orca-"

"I'll be frank, the last Orca was destroyed by the SAM site."

"Then why can't they build another one?"

"There's no weapons factory." Deadeye replied.

"Then why should I go for the SAM sites then?"


A voice blared through the walkie-talkie again. "We've got a transport helicopter. You want to take that?"


"Okay Cooper I know what to do." Havoc answered.

"Let's get in." Deadeye said.

The duo went into the Humm-Vee and charged straight at the obelisk.

"Deadeye are you a good driver?" Havoc asked.

"Shoot first, ask questions later." Deadeye replied.

Whenever Deadeye said that, he always meant 'no', a tactic he frequents whenever he's asked about an embarrassing thing. Havoc decided that he would ask Deadeye that question again when at Eagle Base.

Havoc grabbed the controls for the rotatory cannon on the Humm-Vee. He pulled the trigger.

Havoc, as you all Renegade fans know, is a very trigger-happy man. Wasting ammo is his forte.

"Havoc there's no enemy in sight! We're approaching the obelisk, when I say 3 get off the Humm-Vee!"




Deadeye jumped off the Humm-Vee, which blew up abruptly. Deadeye hurried right next to the obelisk, which the building can't hit.

Where's Havoc?

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Deadeye looked around. He's right next to the obelisk, safe now.

Deadeye sighed, pulled out his Automatic Pistol, and fired a shot in the sky.

It's a silenced pistol.

Deadeye saw a burly black man, it's Havoc.

"I was stuck with the seat belt and blew up with the car." he sighed.

Deadeye laughed. "We have to clear the obelisk."

The two went in and planted 'Tick-Tocks' on the MCT.

The obelisk blew up, what's left is ruins.

"Okay, I believe they're kept in the Hand of Nod." said Havoc.

"You go for the Hand of Nod, I'll head for the communications centre." said Deadeye.

"You disable the radar there."

Havoc went into the ominous Hand of Nod, and met a flamethrower. The flamer did not notice him.

"There's a Commando making lots of trouble for us," said a Nod Officer to the flamer. "Kill that Commando."

"Hey!" shouted Havoc.

The Nod Officer and flamethrower turned to one side, and saw Havoc.

"It's him!"

Havoc started firing.

"We need assistance! We are in Hand entrance! I need assistance!" screamed the officer at the walkie-talkie.

Havoc killed the two.

"Ignatius! Report! Confirm location!" a voice was heard from the walkie. Another voice was heard from it. "The Commando is in the Hand of Nod!"

Havoc picked up the walkie, "Hey guys, I got a present for ya!" then threw the walkie onto the floor and stepped on it.

"Havoc, this is Deadeye, I've located the mainframe of the Comm. Center."

"Okay Deadeye, most probably you killed lots of people from there."

"You know me Havoc, I've located the coordinates of a missile silo, it's going to launch a missile on the Eagle Base."

"So I gather, disarm it for me Deadeye."

Meanwhile, in the Comm. Center, Deadeye was planting a 'Hair Trigger' C4 on the Comm. Center MCT, and was shot in the left arm, and captured by a couple of Black Hand soldiers.

"Havoc, this is Patch. I've reached the base."

"Great! Meet me in the Hand of Nod. A lively time in 'ere!"

"I'm sorry but I cannot celebrate with you Havoc, Deadeye was captured by the Nod." Patch said.

"Those Black Hand bastards again! Where's he taken to?"

"From my Orca I can see that he's taken to the missile silo. They've decided to blow him up together with the nuclear missile." Patch said.

"Patch, get in there and rescue him! I'm not some God who can teleport around! Argh!"

Havoc was sniped, but luckily only his arm was shot.

"Havoc? Havoc?"

"You silly bastard Patch, rescue Deadeye..."

Havoc quickly drew his automatic pistol and used his right arm and shot the Black Hand sniper who was on top of a guard tower in the Hand of Nod underground.

Patch self-destructed his Orca and came down in a parachute. Revealing his hidden Tiberium Flachette Gun he went for the nuclear silo.

"Patch, I found the card key to open the nuclear silo door." Havoc said.

"What level is it?"

"Level 3 security card, can open level 3 doors."

"Just what I needed. Meet outside the back Hand of Nod exit."

Havoc laid a bandage on his arm, and went for the back exit.

"Okay Patch, take this card." Havoc slammed the card on Patch's outstretched palm.

"Thanks pal."

"We're the Dead 6."


They went in separate directions. Patch went for the 2 Nod Soldiers guarding the Nuclear Silo, while Havoc went after Stealth Black Hands lurking in the Hand of Nod.

Little did Havoc know that the GDI traitors and the MRLS cannot be possibly hidden in the Hand of Nod.

The Hand of Nod was set to self-destruct once Havoc reaches the Master Control Terminal.

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It seemed that the power was down. The Nod buildings emitted red lights from the inside - low power. This is the perfect opportunity for Patch to locate Deadeye, when the enemy radar is down. But what is that so capable of sneaking in and disabling the base power?

"Havoc, the base power is down. The nearby SAM sites would malfunction."

How did Patch get in then when the power was still on?

"Cooper did you send Patch?" Havoc asked.

"Yes Havoc, by orders of Locke. He said that Deadeye would be captured by hook or by crook."

"Why was Deadeye sent then?" Havoc asked.

"Havoc in a war men have to be sacrificed. A good commander keeps his good men and discards the fries." Cooper said. Havoc could hear his shoes landing on the table. Cooper was sitting with his legs on the table.

"Cooper put your legs down you might trip on the 'Disable Base Power' switch."

Cooper did as told, and said, "Havoc we know you do things your way but I want you to get into the Hand the find the MRLS."

Havoc raised an eyebrow, he could smell smoke.

Meanwhile, Patch is having a a tough time playing table-tennis with a chef. The chef is armed with a flamethrower, and guarded by 2 other chefs. It's very rare seeing chefs inside a nuclear silo, and even rarer seeing a table tennis set inside the nuclear silo. The chefs were table tennis fans.

But Patch has a limit to his tolerance.

"Blast you idiots!"

He pulled out his Tiberium Flachette gun, one which he was trained to use since the wars against terrorists, and gave the Chefs a ticket to hell.

"Where's the smoke coming from?" that was the only thing on Havoc's mind. It seemed to be coming from a room...it's coming from above...

Havoc pushed the button next to the lift door.

The lift opened. Havoc raised his gun. Though rash, the ever-ready Havoc will ready his gun in front of a lift, be it inside or outside.

Nothing in the lift, safe.

Havoc creeps inside. And the lift goes up.

Havoc is nearing the Master Control Terminal.

The lift door opens, and Havoc walks out. Strange, there's not a soul in sight.

Raising his near-empty Chaingun, Havoc approached the Master Control Terminal. The block of 'Tick-Tock' in his hand, he feels the temptation.

"What if I blow this MCT away?" he thought.

"Havoc remember avoid as much trouble as possible. We are here to recover the Multiple-Rocket-Launcher-System and put those traitor bastards on a freaakin' trial. You know what happens when that Hand malfunctions do ya? Everything would be focused on the Nuclear Silo. They'll defend it like mad." Cooper warns.

Havoc lowers his C4, straps it on his belt, and says, "What?"

"Havoc don't destroy the Hand of Nod. I-"

Havoc ignores the angry Cooper, and sees a bright flash of light coming from the room.

"What on Earth is that?" Havoc wonders. He approaches the Master Control Terminal. Nothing seemed to be wrong.

What Havoc saw was sparks. The security system had detected his presence.

"Hmm...if I disobeyed Cooper for once..."

Havoc lays his C4 and is about to set the timer.

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Basically when we say self-destruct here, not even the ruins will remain. The whole structure goes down...together with whatever remains. This is what we call destroy.

Havoc finished laying down the C4, and prepares to leave.

The Hand of Nod exploded.

"Damn! What? Cooper, tell me what happened to the darn building!?" Havoc shouted at Cooper through the walkie.

There was no answer.

"Bloody idiot! Give me an answer! Are you dead?"

A calm voice came to the walkie-talkie. "Havoc, the Hand of Nod self-destructed. Get out of that building!"

It was Logan.

Havoc ran towards the lift. Luckily it was there. The ceiling was collapsing. Havoc dived into the lift. It went down......

Havoc reached the first story. The door opens, and Havoc sees a Black Hand heavy-weapons soldier toting a laser-chaingin.

Havoc uses his automatic rifle to make the armored man eat lead.

His armor was far too heavy.

Havoc hopped to one side to reload his automatic rifle.

The Black Hand soldier fired.

Now Havoc is trapped, he can't get through the lines of lasers.

The shooting stopped.

"Strange." says Havoc. Havoc runs out of the lift and heads for the exit. The door opens and Havoc runs out in the nick of time.

The ominous Hand of Nod collapses.

"Hell, Locke, where can I find the MRLS? Useless Cooper can't locate it."

"The MRLS...it's behind the Nuclear Silo."

"What!? I wasn't told!" Havoc shouted.

"Patch, I just heard from Locke that the MRLS is behind the nuclear silo. The traitors should be there."

"Havoc, I'm attempting to rescue Deadeye and disable the nuclear silo. You go for the MRLS."

Havoc dived sideways and fired 12 shots of the automatic pistol and hit a Nod soldier who was waiting in front of the MRLS.

Havoc managed to kill a Black Hand Sniper nearby aiming at him with his silenced pistol. He then moved up the guard tower where the Sniper was camping at and picked up the sniper rifle.

Havoc used the sniper rifle and zoomed in onto the MRLS, then shifted his view to a grenadier guarding it.

"Picture perfect." Havoc grinned.

"Havoc, kill a single GDI soldier and I'll get a Ion cannon to be used on you." said Locke.

Havoc gulped. "Alright Locke, you have it your way..."

Havoc climbed down the tower. No one had spotted him. Two men taking an entire base down.

"Havoc, this is Patch. I've located Deadeye and rescued him. I've also managed to interrupt the launch of the nuclear missile.

"I've also gotten the coordinates for the MRLS. It is commanded by a Nod Soldier."

"This is easy! I know how to rob the MRLS!" Havoc said. He rushed towards the Nuclear Silo, and took his chaingun, fired it into the air.

Some voices were heard. "What's that sound?" "Who's there?" "Find the source!"

Havoc ran round the nuclear silo, so it seemed like a merry-go-round chase around the silo. Then Havoc came to the MRLS.

It was still occupied, and is also guarded by 2 Black Hand soldiers carrying rifles. Havoc knew he cannot possibly take the MRLS down by himself, he can't destroy it!

Havoc used his sniper rifle and picked off the two Black Hand soldiers.

"Havoc, this is Deadeye. You have lured the GDI and Nod infantry into the silo. We'll do whatever necessary."

"Affirmative Deadeye, do a clean job."

The MRLS moved back, Havoc knew he was being watched a long time ago.

A man came out of the MRLS. It was an ugly but well-built man. Armed with a flamethrower and a Volt Autorifle.

"Havoc, or should I call you Havoc 'Nick' Parker?" the man said.

"I don't know you. Prepare to die." said Havoc.

"You don't know me, but I know your name. You'll find out in due course. I have a sudden urge to kill you now Havoc." said the man.

Havoc was out of range, well almost, of the nearby GDI comm. center, so Havoc got a blur message from Locke.

"Havoc...according to *** private secur*** file*, this man is Mendo**, get the M**S and move out."

"Locke? What the hell you talking about?"

All Havoc heard was a Zzzzz sound. He's lost contact with Locke.

"Havoc, we've arrested the GDI traitors and killed Nod opposition. We'll steal the MRLS while you are fighting with the man." said Patch.

"Oh man, I have a tough job now." sighed Havoc. Havoc gave a devil-may-care look, shrugged, raised his automatic rifle and went guns-blazing with the man.

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"In the name of Kane!" shouted the man.

"Who are you and why are you working for Nod?" asked Havoc.

"Havoc we have no time to waste, finish off that man and get out of that base!" shouted Locke.

"Well...sounds like someone's hurrying you," says the man who spat on the ground. "Maybe we can kill now."

The man drew a flamethrower and quickly fired short bursts at Havoc.

Havoc never feared fire, but the flames caused by the ugly man were really hot and hurt a lot.

"Okay you bastard, you're gonna get it!"

"I don't fear you Havoc, I've monitored your operations. You kill people at a range do ya? I'm right next to ya now...hahaha..."

"Tell me your name." Havoc said.

"Mendoza, remember it."

"I will remember this name." Havoc said.

Havoc rushed into the nuclear silo, with Mendoza following him. At a range the flamethrower is useless, so Mendoza pulled out a volt autorifle and fired at Havoc.

Havoc dashed up the stairs and threw a Remote C4 on the floor before continuing up.

When Mendoza came Havoc blew up the C4 and went up.

An Orca came to the nuclear silo and Havoc was on top of the building! The Orca landed and Havoc went inside.

The GDI soldier piloting it carried Havoc away and Havoc laughed at Mendoza.

"I'll see you on the battlefield Havoc, just you wait!" shouted Mendoza.

Mission Logbook

Mission Statistics

Status: Accomplished.

GDI Casualties: None.

Nod Buildings destroyed: Obelisk.

Debriefing: Good work retrieving the MRLS and GDI traitors. They've been tried and sentenced. The MRLS is fully functional and had taken no damage after Nod repaired it. Good work.

Notes for Havoc: You didn't kill Mendoza! He'll continue wrecking our bases. You must kill him one day on the battlefield Havoc.

Mission Log Entry End

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Mission One (Eh?) has been completed. Mission Two will be out in a new topic soon.

Mission Two (Cult Infiltration) is based on Havoc's attempt to infiltrate a very active Nod base and retrieve information from the Nod structures to complete the data about Raveshaw's cult.

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