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Hmm, question about novels?


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Actualy you're a wee bit confused there. Paul was there to end the stagnation of the human gene pool, and he did with his Jihad. Leto forced the stagnation of humanity, beleiving that after such a forced stagnation mankind woul explode in a furry of exploration, therefore insuring there infinite survival. The reason Paul didn't chose this patha nd tried to stop Leto from taking it is because it went agaisn't everything he was ever taught. In the first novel you'lnotice that stagnation is a very, very bad thing. The Harkonnenslsot because they stagnated. TheJihad was there toend stagnation of human genetics. And here comes Leto wanting to enforce stagnationfor thousands of years. There was about a 50-50 chance that Leto was right and it would save mankind forever, or Paul was right and it would destroy mankind (the typhoon struggle,which path will end up being taken?).

And yes, I'm back for the next few weeks, in limited forma nyway.

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I wonder if Frank had this stuff in notes or in his head while writing Dune. It's just all so complex to me. Dune seems to flow right into the other novels, which were written much later. But for some reason it has always bothered me that it was Leto II and not Paul that turned into the worm.

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