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The Fight For Survival


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Seperation has taken place, humans run off and capture new planets, setting up their own Houses and new or old forms of goverments depending on their own wishes. Soon the LandsRadd is formed and so is the Great Convention. The year is 10,567 , House:Harkonnen, Atreides, And Ordos have all defied the Great Convention and have been eliminated by all the other planets, their planets were also totally destroyed.


Make Up Your Own House Or Play As One Of The Ones That Survives, We Will Need A House Corrino, And A Sensible Player To Play Emperor.

No God Modding.

No Biological, Chemical or Nuclear Weapons, Also No No-Ships Allowed.

No Killing Planets Or Houses Or Main People In Single Posts, Large Battles Must Be Long Posts Making Both Sides Look Good

You Will Follow What I Say, If I Say Something Is God Modding You Must Edit It

No More Then 2 Planets At The Moment, I will give Permission When More Planets May Be Bought/Traded/Conquered

No Mass Destruction Weapons ( I.E Space Lasers Firing Down And Killing A Planet )

No Invisable Crap

No Forces Being Made And Appearing Out Of No Where, Must Give Posts Of Description Of The Armorment.

And Last, Have Fun!

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House Atretus

Hieling From The Water Planet Thalaxian

Goverment: Duke Johnson has say in everything, but he has military advisors and friends to help him make decisions.

Planets: Thalaxian is 67% water and the land consists of rich farm lands and dense forests. Also has another planet Tuak, Ice World.

Military: Well trained, well armored and very good at hand/hand combat.

Trades: Weapons, foods, metals, riches.

Thoughts: Tries to aviod conflict at all costs but will join and fight bravely if nessacary.

Relgion: O.C.B

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Johnson sat back, looking out the window at the vast, yellow hieghliner walls. The tall black haired, musclular man was planning to arrive on Kaitan to talk with his life long friend the Emperor Corrino, and just relax at the Palace for a few days. Suddenly a large ripple sounded and they now flew over Kiatan. The small pod released going down upon Kiatan, the Duke was soon to arrive.

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Emperor Galen I Corrino stood up standing in the garden of his palace, watching his friend's Duke Johnson's pod land.

The Duke was the Emperor's friend ever since his support in the war against the Unconventional Houses. Since then, they became like brothers to each other, swearing never to break the bonds of friendship.

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A white glisstening object came into view and slowly came down upon the landing field. The door slid open revealing Johnson and two guards, lightly armored. Walking up to the Emperor he smiled and said "Sorry bout the guards, not that I dont trust my security here, just didn't want to get mugged on the hieghliner haha." He extended his hand for a shake.

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i'll be Lord Vilera Nyxel of House Nyxel.

Home Planet - Vilera Centra

Vilera Centra - universal wonder. cut down the middle, half is pure ice with freezing temperatures constantley and half is total desert with little or no water whatsoever. however, on the desert side there is a large crater filled with a large amount of water. an island is in the center of it. the entire island is Farcis.

Satellite (moon) - Vilera Mino

Vilera Mino - literally, swiss cheese. numerous holes and large craters fill the moon from meteors and debris. Scattered bases for Space Testing and the like. The largest of which is the Numer Space Research Facility.

Capitol City of Vilera Centra - Farcis

Military - Vilera National Guard

Government - Neo-Democracy (local decisions made by public reps and foreign decisions made totally by the lord and his supervisors)

Religion - *any*

(p.s. - it doesn't have to be from any books or anything, right?)

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(Btw what does OCC mean? His Name Is Williams Johnson btw ) Ah yes, nothin happening at all, no killing for your Sardukar, I mean dang they must be bored eh? < grinnin> Anyways, why dont we go in, getting kinda cold out here, besides we can talk about politics....Hell and the girls here to haha

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The two sat at a long stone marble table talking, and suddenly Johnson said in a serious note "Galen, there has been something troubling me, I need your opinion on this. It was about a month ago, theres this planet near ours with a native population, a disases had been spreading and we had been giving them aid for many years until last month..." Movie pops up on screen, two large battle cruisers with gun turrets come down dropping supplies in a forest area for the people, until suddenly a ripple of fire opens up and lasbeams emerge everywhere firing and destroying one of the ships, the other pulls up and takes off while the other crashes down in a gaint explosin. The Emperor looks on in utter shock, Johnson begins to speak again "I am not sure if I should leave them be for this act of if I should take appropiate military action, what is your view?"

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Vilera sits at the head of a large conference room with 6 chairs going down each side. At the far end sits his best man, his Foreign Advisor, and cousin, Philat Hyltz (pronounced hilts). Each man/woman has in front of them a paper with two pictures. One picture is of a rather large transport ship being shot down and destroyed and the other is of a large cannon with smoke rising from it.

Breaking the utter silence, Philat says to everyone, "These photos were taken by our recon teams on the planet. This cannon you see is one that is capable of great power. We do not yet know of its capabilities or what it is to be used for. My lord?"

Vilera comes out of his state of shock and says, "This is horrifying. The Atretus will think it was us. And with their alliance with House Corrino...oh, this is not good. We have to proove to them that this was not us. Get to work on an apology speech immediately. We cannot afford to declare war on these two nations. We will not survive."

He continues to sit in deep concentration as he ponders what action should be taken. "Put our forces on Mino on First level alert. Launch the Gogalus from the research post and put it on standby near Mino. If they attack we MUST be ready. Although I do not wish it to come to that."

After three hours the speech is prepared.

"Venerable Williams Johnson,

A recon squad of mine has discovered a transport ship belonging to your house was recently shot down by a large cannon. I implore you not to look to us as a scapegoat. We would never do anything so rash as to attack your excellency. I am willing to offer you my aid in discovering the truth behind this atrocity. Please accept my sorrow for your men who were lost.

Lord Vilera Nyxel,

House Nyxel

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After a night of little or no sleep, the lord woke up at 6:30 in the morning to a the sun coming over the frozen mountains. "This planet sure is beautiful at sunrise..." There came a knock on the door which startled him. He was not used to be disturbed quite so early. "Yes, Yes. Who is it?"

A voice came from behind the door, "Uhm...sir. I think you should...see this." The voice sounded frightened and horribly distressed.

"I'll be there in a second. Let me get dressed for...oh alright. i'll skip it now. If it's that important." He opened his chamber doors and a soldier was standing with a few sheets of paper. He was sweating profusely and his teeth were shaking.

As the lord reached merely half of the first paper he screamed, "WHAT THE HELL IS THIS!?!? YOU MEAN TO TELL ME THAT WE DID ATTACK ATRETUS?! WHO THE HELL ORD..."

The soldier broke in, "It's on the..uhm..p..paper sir. It w..was..uhm..."

Growing impatient with the bumbling idiot, "Alright already. Enough. Get back to your post." The soldier clasped his fists in front of his chest in the proper salute and ran off."

"That does it. I'm going back to bed. Maybe this is just a dream." With that he returned to his bed and went under covers to sleep for another two hours.

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The forces departed, 4,500,750 heavily armored solders.

45,000 assualt tanks

678,000 Orthinopters

56,000 jeep like vechicles

5 - 35 Man Special Ops Team

8 Galatic BattleCruisers

16 Destroyers

3 Fleet Carriers

67,000 Fighters

45 PT ships

150,000 supply ships

They flew to the hieghliner, 2 days in counting.....Johnson was still at the Emperors castle, unaware of this military movement.

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At 8:00 a.m., he was again awakened by a knocking on the door. Only this time it was intense and very, very urgent. "Yes. Alright. I'll be right there. This is the second time this morning. It had better be good." He opened the door and saw his cousin standing there with the same paper he had earlier received. But he also had other photos and statistics.

"Vilera, you should take a look at these. They show a mass movement of the troops of Atretus moving slowly toward us. It would appear they intend to attack."

"That's nonsense. Didn't they get that message i sent?"

"No sir. It'll be another 6 days before they do get it. And our observers state it will only take TWO days before this fleet arrives. We must do something now, sir."

"This is outrageous. No way could we stand up against this kind of firepower. Is there anything we can do right now? You're my advisor, ADVISE SOMETHING!"

"I suggest retreat..."


"Sir, we must."

"...I know that...I've lived here my whole life...I just can't imagine leaving..."

"Sir, please give the order. We have to mobilize now so we can all get out."

"I order a Issue #3205. Full Retreat of all forces and non-combatents to Sector 33-Q. Maybe we can set down somewhere. And by the way, what was the name of that genius who destroyed the ship?"

"Colonel...Luxor, I believe, sir."

"Good. Execute him and leave his body in the courtyard of this palace with a note telling the Atretus what happened. Perhaps they will allow us to return to our homeplanet after they see the truth."

"We,...can't do that sir. We cannot locate him. Noone's seen him since his attack."


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