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As the seasoned veteran of wulfram on these fed2k boards, I feel as I should say something.

Its a 23 meg install file, and its online only. There is no AI, apart form base defence turrets, but they are single minded.

Apart from the heavy learning curve, its a great game, and its so natural to me now.

Donating is optional, but please try to anyway.

If you see me training in a server with my [TRNi] tag, tell me your from Fed2k, and I will give you special treament :P

The learning curve isn't really that steep. It just seems that way because when you first begin, you really, really, suck, its not like a stratergy game, its like a 1st person stratergy game.

For example, the player known only as the best player, his name is Fear, and none of you, would be able to take him, but the game is nicely organised into server levels, so you can't play with people to far greater then your own skill.

I'd attach a good pic if I had one, but you all should give it atleast a try.

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