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News from a press meeting...


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september 26th, 2002, is had been a press presentation of I dunno what, still, some people in the french board had seen, so they could ask question about Cryo (not only for DG, but SCOL too...)

Well, the interesting part is that there would still be 6 month to finish DG.... Now, we should know that, because it was a press thing only :)

Ok, hope? Maybe. Still, if after 6 month, the company is really closed, what's the matter of having an another 6 month for developping :)

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the big problem, actually, is that, even of the court said that there was still 6 month to finish the game, the employee had been fired [about] 2 months ago, so, there is nobody to work on it!

And as I said, even if they do finish it, after the liquidation is really finished, the hypotethic server wich would run it, would be closed right after.

Now, there would be to release a server pack? arg, that will never happen :)

The only chance there is to to see an another company to buy the game, wich, in my opinion, is the last option that will ever happen, chaces of that are near 0 for sure.

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