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Guidelines for strategy posting, read first!


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Here are several guidelines, keep them in mind when posting in these Strategy Boards. It helps in keeping this a friendly place.

1. Don't bash any Houses, units, or strategies, just because you think they are wrong/bad/weak

2. Don't go offtopic. So if the topic states, for example: 'How can I use Mongooses for best', don't start a conversation about Fedaykin.

3. Don't post if:

a) If you have nothing NEW to add.

b) If you don't know where the topic is about, and if you didn't read the previous posts

4. If you are stuck at a point of discussion, (like Kobra vs. Minotaurus) then stop it when it gets out of the hand (mostly I will say something about it) and the best option is to try it out on WOL

5. If someone asks for a strategy, don't start flaming other people's strategy (which they gave at the person who requested the strategies) for this only gives new endless conversations.

6. Don't post nonsense, and don't use this forum as a chat room, by replying each time with 1 or a few words only...

This are primary guidelines. I don't mind if you sometimes diverge from these lines, but don't get it out of hand!

Note: I may add some more lines if I feel that is necessary

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