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Other books on big/silver screen


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OK, forget about the new Dune Messiah/Children of Dune tangent mini coming out soon.

Which stand-alone book or books do you think would make a good mini-series and why? What about the prequels by KA/BH... do you think they would even be worthy of the silver screen treatment (to be fair, assuming all 6 Frank Herbert books were adapted and there was no more FH canon material to go off of)?

- Neo

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The 3+ hour version of the Lynch movie is OK... it has the scene with the "little maker," touches upon Paul's child, and the whole 10 minute nararrated prologue that (replacing the Irulan monologue in the beginning) even touches upon the Butlerian Jihad (we see what these "cymeks" or whatever look like).

As Lynch has said... he didn't have "final cut" of the movie because the insurance company or whatever took over, so we can't entirely blame him for the film we saw. Granted, there were things we *can*, however, blame him for... the wierding modules (although Frank Herbert *did* approve of them, I've read in numerous places), the Baron, etc.. It's the guy that did Fight Club, for god's sake - give the guy some slack.

And Dune as a whole doesn't really fit into any particular genre, IMHO... while it may be the greatest sci-fi epic ever, it still leans in many ways precariously close to fantasy. Would one consider Star Wars sci-fi simply because it has spaceships and laser pistols here and there? I wouldn't.

- Neo

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