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Hi. I'm from DG.


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Hello! I was one of the people who waited for Dune Generations to be released, but sad to say, logged out just some weeks ago. Now I'm here! I am very interested in Dune, like everybody here too (I presume :)). Anyways, there are anothe Dune Mod, I don't know if anyone have heard about it. It is a Mod (modification) for the game Deus Ex, about Dune of course. The site is:


I am logged there as "Bux", and I have sent some sounds for them to "play"

around with. Anyways, I have started with mapping for Half-Life, and one of my friends have good coding experience. With a little luck, I plan to create a Dune Mod for Half-Life! The name will be "Dune Generations", one for honoring Cryo's great job with DG, and second because I liked the title :).

Anyways, I will only send the URL here and to Planet Half-Life WHEN the very first beta has been released, so that I don't make promises that can not be kept. That's all for now.

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