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Westwood integration into timeline...?


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Can any of you think of any (feasible) way to integrate & blend the events of Westwood's Dune II, Dune 2000, & Emperor: Battle for Dune into a cohesive timeline within the canon of the books?

Personally, I'm not sure there's any way possible but I wanted to see what the rest of Dune fandom thinks.

Maybe I'm blind, but I don't see any way either during or after the original Dune novel there could have been a Padishah Emperor Frederick IV Corrino. That is, unless Frederick's reign precedes Elrood IX Corrino's, right? But then that would mean the Atreides were on Arrakis before the original Dune novel, which would contradict pretty much everything. Plus, Emperor: Battle for Dune seems to imply the Atreides *won* Dune 2/2000 in the opening cinema (the Duke calling himself saying he was "... of Dune"... if all House factions were wiped clear off the map at the end of Dune 2/2000 - and they were - only the winner would still be "of Dune" and still on Dune by the time of Emperor:BfD, yes?).

I'd very much like to think of the Westwood cames as, while maybe not *canon* per se, at least as far as fandom could be concerned maybe that the games *could* have happened in the timeline.

Can anyone offer any insight?

- Neo

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