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War of the four crystals


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An ancient war that lead to millions of deaths is actually a mythological account written in Indian epics. This war was waged by the atlantians and the four great Indian empires. Devas, Asuras, Gandharvas, and the Raksasas.

These super beings fought for the power of india and would eventually destroy all that was 20,000 years ago. The major battles were fought in the air and space by ancient flying machines. The indian flying machines were called "vimana" while the atlantian ships were called "viraxi".

But I digress. You will choose the fate of these great empires. The rules are simple but true in their power that I control.

Power struggles are as goes: The Indian humans are waging war against their gods-the four races that stand powerful- These four races are losing their grip of power over the subjected humans. The atlantians are waging war against the whole of the Indian subcontenant. There are three casts of which you can choose. Humans from India. The four races of Superbeings. Humans from atlantis. Your goal is to take the four crystals from each race of superbeings. If you are of the race of superbeings, you will try to protect your crystals from takeover.

1: You will not use a weapon of mass destruction without prior warning and council from the "Nine wise men". They talk through me so that the game can actually work.(they dont really talk through me it just makes it more realistic.lol)

2: You will not kill innocents, This will lead to your total destruction.

3: You will not destroy sacred sites. This is a blight to your name and will lead to your total destruction.

4: You will not slander or make harsh reference to any other cast of people.

5: You will not form impossible alliegnces. i.e. any Indian race with the atlantians or the atlantians with any Indian race.

The technology of the ancients is formed by pure crystals. They get their energy and power from these. Also flight is capable by crystal manufacturing.

Nobody controls all land. Everyone is an individual warlord. You choose to be either atlantian or one of the four races of super beings that control India. You can also be a powerful human warlord from India if you wish.

At this time India is a subcontinent. Atlantis is an island in the Mediterranean. Every person chooses their tactics of war. New rules will take effect after time.

Let it begin.

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