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Dune 2000 Money Maker


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I have been told about a new program that gives you unlimited credits. Some people have been having problems with the old trainers not working with the patch. This program should work with the new patch, here is what they say about it:

We have just published our "MIA Dune 2000 Money Maker".

This program is running under win95/98/NT and can patch files in order to give unlimited credits. It works with the 3 houses of the game. It is free, and you can download it there:

http://www.Mia-France.com/downloads/md2kmm.zip (690 kb)

Home Page:



The Mia-World Team

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I've tried to follow the links above in 5 different browsers and they don't work.

Can somebody here point me in the direction of a site that I can download the Mia Money maker for dune 2000 and yes I have tried google and several other search engines and they all point back here to the fed2k forums and the dune 2000 pages on dune2k which are not allowing downloads at all.

any help please

Mike D

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