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Happy DunesDay!


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Happy DunesDay everybody, and here's your first event of the day:

The release of a short Q&A between myself and Florent Claudy from Dune Generations!

Its only 5 questions, but it should get you in the mood for our live chat with Florent, the lead programmer, and a game designer which takes place at 10 am EST (3 pm GMT). Click here to read the Q&A!

Still to come:

-A never before seen interview with Kevin J. Anderson (A must see for Dune fans, one of my favourite events of the day)

-A surprise for fans of David Lynch's Dune

-The release of screenshots of "Kwisatz Haderach", a free (non-westwood supported) expansion pack for Emperor: Battle for Dune

-The release of the newest version of Koen's TibEd Emperor editor

-The unvieling of all new artwork by graphical artist Orlok

-The release of the first E:BFD Winamp Skin

-An IRC chatroom

Plus more!

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