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Lynch's Dune Surprise!


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Well here it is, the unvieling of the surprise for fans of David Lynch's Dune!

Originally I had hoped to actually have a live chat about it, but things fell through.

Anyway, it is as most of you have already guessed: There is a new DVD version of David Lynch's Dune on its way set for release this February! And one of our favourite people here at FED2K, the man behind that magnificient artwork released today, is working on it. Yes, thats right, Orlok is re-doing the graphics for David Lynch's Dune. Unfortunately, that is all the information available at this time, but we will keep you as up to date as possible regarding it.

If you haven't already checked out Orlok's art, click here to view it!

And don't forget to post your impressions of DunesDay right here!

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