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Endless Desert Engine


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Abulurd has sent in a very early version of the engine used for his Endless Desert project. It doesn't look all that great right now but he hasn't had a lot of time to work on it. If you want to take a look Download it (2.5 MB) and extract it to a directory. You can use the following commands:

(arrow keys): Move

A: Look up

Z: Look down

X: Wait for night to come

Y: Wait for day to come

1: Sand storm

2: Sand storm comes to an end

3: Die in a bloody way

4: Die in a strange way

According to Abulurd the demo shows off the 3d engine, fog, models, models movement, and a dynamic background. It's a good start and if you are interested in helping him you can send an email his way.

This is the last post for DunesDay but I have a couple more things to post tomorrow. Nothing major like today though. :)

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