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DunesDay Recap


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After over a month of organization, days of preparation, and countless e-mails, DunesDay has come and gone. During this day FED2K had the most users online simultaneously since at least the day we got our latest forum, and we got approximately 2000 hits, which is about what we got while E:BFD was still being updated.

I want to thank Pellias, Deidril, and Florent from Dune Generations for agreeing to contribute to our live chat and our short Q&A, Kevin J. Anderson for answering our questions and giving us new info and excerpts from THE BUTLERIAN JIHAD, Lord Ophidiom and Morden for allowing us to use their irc channel (server is irc.gamesnet.com, channel #Dune_Universe), Orlok for all his artwork and the DunesDay banner along with the info on David Lynch's Dune, Edric_O's and Ghostysquares valiant effort to get their expansion pack for E:BFD up in time for DunesDay after getting hit by a virus, Edric_O for also supplying us with his winamp skin, Koen for his Emperor Editor, Gobalopper for putting all that stuff online, Shaddam for co-moderating the chat with me, Gamespy, Barrysworld, and all the other websites that advertised either DunesDay or the live chat part of DunesDay, and finally all of you who showed up. It's been fun.

Since there were 15 news articles posted during the day I figured we needed a quick recap of all that went on.

-A new Q&A with Florent Claudy from Dune Generatons was posted here.

-A live chat was held with Pellias, Deidril, and Florent from Dune Generations, and the log can be seen here.

-Koen released the latest E:BFD editor.

-The first E:BFD winamp skin was released, and is available here.

-The announcement that the Dune Miniseries will air for the first time in Africa on February 8th.

-Titus Mandahl's article Richesian Model 89 Las-gun, which is about lasguns, was released.

-A new director, Greg Yaitanes, may have replaced John Harrison at the helm of Children Of Dune.

-Alphabeta's Super Dune III mod was released.

-The release of new artwork by Orlok, who is also working on the new DVD of David Lynch's Dune. click here to view it.

-FED2K's interview with Kevin J. Anderson was released and contains brand new info regarding the next Dune trilogy "Legends of Dune" and an exclusive excerpt from the first novel in it THE BUTLERIAN JIHAD. French versions will soon be available here, and a German translation here.

-Altea'Deo has opened his new French dune site.

-Abulurd sent in an early version of the engine he will be using in his Endless Dune project. Click here to download it.

I hope you enjoyed DunesDay and I would like to hear anything you have to say about it right here!

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