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There have been some new posts by the dev team of Dune Generations, one of the posts contradicts the chat we had Saturday, take a look:

1. It was said we can't name planets, but that its the system which gets named and the planets take the name of their system with a number added. Does this mean that we, the players, get to pick the name of the system?

The name of the system is given by The Guild, not the players (players don't choose the name of their system, so we don't have people using rude names to call their system...) [This condradicts what was stated in the chat]


2. You spoke of a Guild Reserve Budget which helped pay for Mutual Defense Forces. Is there like a percentage system set by the guild for the ammount of money each member must give for the budget?

We are not speaking of The Guild, but a Clan, gathering several Houses. What this Houses invest in the defense is shared between the Houses. The founders of the Clan decides of the amount of money.


3. Also with the Mutual Defense Force and the Guild Reserve Budget, who decides how that money is spent, in other words whether or not certain units such as ships are purchased instead of tanks?

This is automated, To avoid the founders of the Clan to cheat on the members of the Clan.


4. Briefly the level system was described again about how you cannot attack a lower level house. In guilds and in general, if a lower leveled allied house comes under attack, will a higher level house be able to step in to help defend the lower level allied house?

Higher level House will be able to help a allied lower level House if the level of the attacking House is not "out of the range level" of the higher level House.


5. When you get a planet you of course have a palace on it...when you do build this palace is there a certain type of palace you build depending on what House type you play as...or are there different palaces that we can choose to build...or is there already a palace on every planet and whomever holds the palace holds the planet...

There is always a palace present on a planet, you do not need to build the palace. The palace will be designed according to the type (traders, fighters, mercenaries) of the House owning the planet and hence the palace. If a planet is captured, the palace will be changed to fit the house type of the new owner.


6. I know we can make troops better if they are on a harsh planet, but it is possible to find a planet so harsh(aside from SS & arrakis) to make sardaukar equivelent troops, or is that out of our range except for holding arrakis?

The sardaukar troops are out of range, except for fremens that can only have if you own Arrakis


7. And if you goto an planet can you see how hard it is to live on?

You will be able to guess, according to its design, whether it is a harsh planet or a peaceful planet.

There you go.

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