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Surprisingly enough there is a new Dune 2000 map to download. If you are working on Emperor maps let me know, there is always room for more. Speaking of maps and editing head over to Dune Editing for the latest editing updates, I will be posting two Civilization mods later tonight that I have come across on my old hard drive.

lost_child posted in the forums that Space, a Canadian cable station, will be showing David Lynch's Dune movie on Sunday May 19th at 9pm, if you have a chance check it out.

Baron Moritani let us know that there have been some updates on the Butlerian Jihad books. Kevin J. Anderson's site has some info on the novels including an image of the front cover. It's due out this October and it could be pretty interesting seeing the beginnings the storylines found in the other Dune novels.

Moritani also posted that there are some promo images at the SF-Film.de site. They were one of the better sites to find images from the first miniseries and it looks to be the same this time. I'm not sure why they say Hallmark Entertainment on them but they are another company that produces miniseries so they may be helping New Amsterdam Entertainment out with the distribution or production this time.

Abulurd sent along an ingame video of his project. It shows what Arrakis looks like from a space battle and runs at about 3MB in size. He is looking for input and comments about his game so if you are interested in helping out send him an email.

For you Emperor players Maxpovver has created a tournament site to show the monthly QM winners. It will list all the winners from the past and future and looks great. Head over and check it out.

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