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Just a couple small updates from the Generations forums. Some news on upcoming holidays, so there probably won't be updates, and a bit on troops and how they age. Check out Frederic Manisse's posts below:

Like in Civ, troops are a part of your population. They age and are replaced by the younger from the part of the people they were taken.

Troops don't die of age because they are linked to a part of your population.

At the end, you'll notice there is a maximum quota of troops / population. This quota is, of course, linked to your house class. - LINK


Well, you're putting your letter at a very bad time. Upcoming there is a list of national days with some religious days so most of the team here as well as most of the french people spend their holydays there. Most of the team is spending their hardly owned holydays now, before the last run. - LINK

And now one from Christophe Lorek:

Sadly, it's not so simple, because we, dev team, don't run the web site. This is done by third party people. If we want to update the website, we must give them all the data, and don't forget this means we must also translate this data, which is also done by other people. Updating the web site is not as quick and simple. And if we start considering the validation process of the marketing people, and so on, then you'll realise that's why we can only do this for major updates.

I hope you'll all understand. - LINK

So still no news on the beta but at least we know why the website isn't getting updated that often.

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