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New Dune Generations Q&A


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For those of you dying for a taste of new Dune Generations news, I have what you crave, an all new Q&A about Dune Generations! While short, this Q&A does have more info on the game than we have seen in months, including this interesting little tidbit:

Can you reveal any new units/structures?

The site will be updated soon with descriptions and screenshots of most of the units, including the pirates and the Imperium.

Also, for the first time, well, if not ever, than since January, questions regarding the upcoming Beta and the Alpha testing have been answered. So hop on over and read this all-new Q&A. For those of you wanting to read our older Q&A's and chats regarding Dune Generations or other articles of the Duneverse, check out our Interview and Chat Archive. Special thanks to Florent Claudy from the Generations PR department for taking the time to answer these questions!

On an unrelated note, we've almost got our millionth hit! Be sure to check the hit counter on the right hand side of the screen to see if it's you!

Finally, this is approximatly my 200th news post here at FED2K, thanks to all of you for letting me keep posting here.

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